What treasures do you have?

Dan Hickman - The Curious Thoughts of a Simple man

You might say Michael Rorrer got lucky.
In 2012, he was cleaning the basement when he came across a box containing his late-uncle’s comic book collection. A collection that had been started in the early-1940s.
There, in the stack was an Action Comics No. One. That is a rather special issue, because it’s the comic that first introduced the world to a character known as Superman.
A few minutes later, Michael discovered that the collection also included a comic book that introduced another crime-fighting character, a hero named Batman.
It wasn’t long before Michael realized he had found a real treasure. A treasure that netted him a total of $3.5 million. Not a bad day’s wages, especially for simply cleaning out the basement.
Reading about Michael Rorrer and others like him – those people who discover valuable things in houses and homes, it made me wonder: What do I have sitting around that might be worth a lot, someday?
Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to get the answer. There is actually nothing I own or have ever owned that would one-day fetch a significant price. And for sure nothing that would be worth a million dollars.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t have things of value to me. Because the truth is, I actually do.
In fact, there are a few things that I own, that if there was a fire and I had only a limited time to save the things I treasure, you would find me running out the door with a few things most people would consider worthless.
And I can understand that, because the things that really matter to me, are pretty much only important to me.
For instance, when it comes to the things I treasure, there are a pair of photographs that mean an awful lot to me:
The first, is a picture of my mom and dad, my new step-brothers, my sister and me. I was just turning 10, and the photo was taken at the old B&I store in Tacoma.
What makes it so priceless to me, is that I still remember that night. I especially remember being in the car feeling as if I was part of a family. And it was the first time I discovered the feeling of being wanted.
The second picture I would be rescuing, is of a smiling 19-year-old girl wearing a dotted red dress. A girl, who grew into a beautiful woman. And she still is, even after spending almost 50 years with me.
This photo always reminds me of the day it was taken, when we both we little more than a couple of kids discovering life together. And it was a time when I found a life-long, best friend.
If there’s a fire, you would also see me coming out the door with two small folders in my hand. One folder is labeled “Scott” and the other is labeled “Chris.”
Inside the folders, you would find a mish-mash of chaotic random papers and notes. Pages that were torn out of old coloring-books, with crayon scrawled lines that might also have misspelled words on them. There are notes and Sunday School paper drawings in the folders too, along with a few drawings of sports figures and a couple of “I Love You” messages written in pencil. 
Finally, the last item I would for sure be taking is an old, red-plaid shirt. A shirt that hangs all alone in my closet.
It doesn’t fit me, because it belonged to my father. And every time I see it, I’m reminded of him. And I smile, picturing him wearing it and feeling his nearness, even though he has been gone for over twenty years.
So, I guess this is my way of telling you that you won’t be finding any million-dollar comics in my basement after I’m gone. Mainly, because we don’t have a basement and the only comic books I read were Archie and Jughead.
You won’t find any old baseball cards either. I used them to make my bicycle tires flap when I pinned them to the spokes.
That’s why I’m pretty sure that when they go through my things to see what all I’ve left behind, they won’t find anything that fits in their wallet.
But that doesn’t mean I didn’t own things that were priceless. After all, I think it all depends on where you look.


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