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Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band (above and below) entertain the crowd in Glenrock on Saturday night on the town’s newly rebuilt mobile stage inside Kimball Park.

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“I think it was a very successful event for the town,” - Mayor Doug Frank
A few hundred people showed up in Glenrock over the weekend for the town’s first-ever Welcome Summer Festival, which was hosted by Glenrock Main Street and the Glenrock Chamber of Commerce.
The two-day event featured a buy, sell and trade show in Kimball Park on Friday, followed by catered food from Hotel Higgins live music and games in the evening. Koltiska Distillery was also there. 
The event moved to Town Park on Saturday morning where there was a truck pull, crawfish boil and craft, The festival ended in the evening  back at Kimball Park with a live performance by Chancey Williams and The Younger Brothers Band. 
Mayor Doug Frank likened preparation for the event to baking a cake. 
“You try to put all the ingredients together, and you hope that people come,” he said. 
Frank said that he thought the event was very well attended, especially Saturday evening. He said they handed out about 165 wrist bands for alcoholic beverages Friday and about 400 the following night. 
“I think it was a very successful event for the town,” he said. 
Mary Kay Kindt, director of the Glenrock Chamber of Commerce, agreed. 
“The purpose was to get people in town and to help with the revenue in the community, and so any time you can do that it’s a plus,” Kindt said.
Saturday afternoon, a couple dozen people showed up in Town Park to enjoy the nice weather, listen to music and grab some crawfish and corn. 
Public Works Director said they cooked up about 100 pounds of crawfish and quite few people had purchased plates of it.
 Kathy Causton and Jean Gray sat in lawn chairs and listened to the music being performed by a local Casper musician. 
“I like it,” Gray, of Casper, said. 
Causton, of Glenrock, didn’t plan on going to the concert late, but it didn’t matter. She was enjoying herself. 
“Beautiful day. Isn’t this wonderful? It’s nice in the shade,” she said. 
“I think it’s a good idea that they have something going on at the start of the summer and not just in August,” she added. 
Frank said the whole thing cost about $15,000 to put on but that the community earned some of the money back. 
He said it was a great first-time event and that they hoped to bring even more people to town next time around. 
“We need more things like this. And I think people agree with that,” he said.


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