STOP for SCHOOL BUSES: Chief of police implores motorists to stop for school buses with signs out

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A Glenrock student enters a school bus, with its stop arm extended, on the morning of Feb. 1, on S. 5th Street. More motorists, the Glenrock police chief says, are failing to stop for school buses in the street.

Zach Miners,

The last time you were out driving behind a school bus, and it extended its stop sign, did you stop?


Unfortunately, more Glenrock motorists are failing to stop for school buses dropping off and picking up children, putting the safety – and lives – of students in danger.


Since the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year in August, the Glenrock Police Department has received roughly 10 complaints for the violations and has issued around seven citations.


Previously, the department had tracked only several violations in a two-year period.


This past September, officials at both the Glenrock and Douglas school districts identified the issue as a problem.


But now, more Glenrock motorists appear to be neglecting to stop for the stop signs on the sides of school buses.


“Drivers need to be aware of the buses and their surroundings,” Glenrock Chief of Police David Theel said.


The state-mandated fine for not stopping is $435.


The Glenrock police department has not yet identified what exactly might be driving the increased violations.


Most of the incidents, however, have occurred with the district’s early childhood education bus around 8:00 a.m. on Sixth and Second Streets. The bus runs on a different schedule that drivers may not be used to, and the bus is smaller, allowing it to pull up closer to the sidewalk when stopping.


“It’s possible drivers don’t notice it when they pass by,” Theel said.


But if drivers don’t notice the bus, the bus still notices them. Camera systems on the buses allow law enforcement officials to identify and serve citations to offenders. Even if the police can identify the vehicle but not the operator, they can still issue a citation to the registered owner.


Fortunately, there have been no child injuries or deaths this year due to the violations.


But, “The severity of these violations is self-explanatory,” Theel stressed.


“The statute,” he said, “is simply requiring something of drivers they learned when they first learned how to drive, to ensure the safety of our children.”



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