Moore this season

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Zane Moore looks to pin a Bearcat at earlier this season at the Battle of the Bighorn in Worland.

By Phillip Harnden

Five Herders made the 11-hour trip to the eastern edge of North Dakota during their spring break to compete in the Rumble on the Red tournament in Fargo.
The renowned, multi-state tournament hosted 84 teams with hundreds of wrestlers all gathering during their Christmas break to duke it out on the mats.
Although the team didn’t manage to garner any medals this year, the wrestlers brought back a different perspective on how to wrestle.
“That area of the country is really known for their aggressive style of wrestling,” junior Zane Moore said. “Getting to wrestle the offensive, go-after-you style, helped me out. Wyoming is a lot more defensive where you score off your opponents mistakes. Wrestling someone who is constantly going after you pushed me and showed me where I can improve to be more aggressive when I wrestle.”
Coach Nic Dillon describes the style in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota as more about brute strength and aggression. Wyoming, he says, tends to be more about technique than just powering through the opponents defense.
It wasn’t uncommon for players to sneak in a head but or other moves bordering on rule violations, Dillon said.
“One of the matches I won was against a kid who was pounding on my head and being a little cheap about how he was wrestling,” Moore said. “But it’s just the style up there. Everyone’s used to just  coming at you and being on top of you for the entire six minutes.”
Moore and Tate Stoddard both earned points for the team, but it was just enough to keep them off the bottom. Noah Halsey, Josh Burrus and Jadon Williams also made the trip to the prestigious event
Williams, who has been nursing a strained knee from football endured a flare-up of the injury and sat out most of the tournament, but is working hard to get back on the mats.
For Moore, it all comes back to football, but he loves wrestling nonetheless.
“A lot of why I wrestle is to improve myself for football and keep myself well-tuned and in shape for the upcoming season,” he said. “But I’ve wrestled since I was four years old and it’s just been in my family. We are just a big wrestling family.”
Moore’s season has put him on track to finish his season with pride. With only eight busy weeks left, he has just started the path to the finals.

The Herd will be in Douglas Friday and Saturday for the Shane Shatto Memorial Tournament. They will be up against all three Cheyenne schools as well as Laramie, Sheridan and both Casper schools.
With 23 teams slated to attend this year, the Herd will have a tough weekend but will face many new opponents as they will take the mats against 1A through 4A teams.
Last year Glenrock finished eighth of the 25 teams. They look to claw their way higher on the ranks this year.


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