Herders rack up impressive stats

Logan Jones avoids a tackle on a kick-off return against Tongue River on Oct. 23. Jones earlier put the Herd on the scoreboard with a 90-plus yard run on the opening kickoff. Jones, a junior, posted the highest rushing yards in the 2A and has the second most yards in a single game in the class.

By Joshua Leach Independent staff

The Herders may not have found the team success they were hoping for on the gridiron this season, but the Glenrock boys still put together some top notch performances. Of the 16 teams in Class 2A, the Herders put together one of the best seasons running the football of any school.
Below is a breakdown of the top statistical performances for the Herders and where those performances rank in Class 2A. All statistics and rankings do not include the playoffs and are provided courtesy of WyoPreps.

Team Stats
(end of regular season)

The Herders offense centered around their ability to move the ball on the ground. Here’s how the team stacked up in Class 2A:
• 1,420 total yards (5th)
• 202.9 yards per game (3rd)
• 7 touchdowns (13th)
• 48 attempts per game (1st)
• Best performance: Glenrock put on a show for the fans in the season opener, rushing for a whopping 352 yards and four touchdowns against Pinedale in a 44-0 shutout.

Glenrock’s focus on the ground game meant few opportunities for their quarterbacks to drop back and let it fly.
Here’s how the Herders stacked up as a team with their air attack:
• 187 total yards (15th)
• 26.7 yards per game (15th)
• 27.8% completion rate (16th)
• 4 touchdowns (t-12th)
• 7 interceptions (t-8th)
• Best performance: In the season opener for the Herders, they passed the ball well, throwing for 84 yards and two scores against Pinedale on Sept. 3.

The Herders struggled at times on the other side of the football, but they took plenty of opportunities to make it difficult on their opponents, too.
• 1,061 rush yards allowed (10th)
• 1,063 pass yards allowed (14th)
• 2,124 total yards allowed (11th)
• Best performance: In the season opener for the Herders on Sept. 3, the Glenrock defense held Pinedale to just 103 total yards of offense and pitched their lone shutout of the season.


Football may be the ultimate team sport, but players still need to make plays to move the football. Here are some of Glenrock’s top performers from this season:

Logan Jones, junior
• 1,154 yards (1st in 2A)
• 226 attempts (1st in 2A)
• 5.1 yards per carry (9th in 2A among qualified players)  
• 5 touchdowns (t-8th in 2A)
• Rushed for the 2nd most yards (238) in a single game in 2A this season

Dusty Cox, junior
• 229 yards
• 58 carries
• 3.9 yards per carry
• 2 touchdowns

Brayden LaPointe, junior
• 140 yards
• 13-for-50 (26% completion rate)
• 3 touchdowns

Terrin Fauber, senior
• 5 catches
• 73 yards
• 2 touchdowns
• Kyle Hiser, senior
• 4 catches
• 67 yards
• 1 touchdown

Logan Jones
• 45 tackles (35 solo, 2nd in 2A)

Dusty Cox
• 38 tackles (13 solo)
• 4 sacks (t-4th in 2A)
• 2 fumbles recovered (t-1st in 2A)

Kyle Hiser
• 26 tackles (17 solo)
• 1 fumble recovered
• 4 passes defensed


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