Guest Column: Honor officers who died in service

Converse County Sheriff Clint Becker

It is my honor to remind everyone that May 9th –15th  is National Police Memorial Week.  This week is a tribute to all the Peace Officers that have perished in the line of duty while protecting our family, friends, our property, and most of all, our freedoms. A reminder that every day, Peace Officers who are your neighbors, friends, and family members, put their lives on the line each time they go to work to protect us all. 

Let’s continue to remember Wyoming State Trooper Chris Logsdon and Converse County Deputy Bryan Gross, Peace Officers from our community who died in the line of duty while trying to help and protect others. Their service to their community and country should not be forgotten. Wyoming State Trooper Chris Logsdon died on October 13, 1998 on I-25 at approximately Mile Post 90.  Chris was in pursuit of a reported vehicle traveling southbound in the northbound lanes, on Interstate I-25.  As Chris was trying to locate this vehicle, by traveling southbound in the southbound lane, the elderly man crossed the median and proceeded to travel northbound in the southbound lane. Chris met the car going the wrong way in his lane of travel. Chris took evasive action and swerved missing the oncoming car but in doing so lost control of his own Patrol car. Chris perished in his Patrol car at the scene of the crash. The confused elderly man was stopped a short time later and apprehended by other Peace Officers.

Converse County Deputy Bryan Gross died on July 28, 2011, while attempting to assist a young girl who was reported to be trapped and drowning in the swollen North Platte River behind the Wyoming State Fair grounds. In an effort to assist the girl, Bryan striped down and dove into the river. Upon reaching the girl, Bryan tried to push the girl towards the bank, submerging himself. He perished attempting to save her.  The girl was rescued further down the river by other peace officers and emergency personnel. Bryan’s body was located in the North Platte River several days later. The Converse County Search and Rescue Team, assisted by several agencies throughout the state including the National Guard, continuously searched until Bryn was located. Our entire state and community offered and provided food, water, personnel, equipment and provisions during and after the search was over. These actions will never be forgotten, especially by those of us actively employed at the Sheriff’s Office during this time. 

Please take a moment and remember the families. They are a big part of our community and country. They are the ones who send us off to work each day. Often times, after being called out in the middle of the night, we leave them without the knowledge of why we were called out or how long we will be gone. The worry takes its toll on our families, as they wonder if we will return home safe. For the Logsdon and Gross families, this worry became a heart-wrenching reality. Please don’t forget the sacrifice they have made.

In closing, I ask that during this week of tribute, each of you take a moment to say a prayer and remember. God bless you, God Bless our families, God bless us all.


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