Glenrock Police Department doubles down

Phillip Harnden
“The police department belongs to the people of the community,” Glenrock Police Chief Tim Hurd
In the wake of the attacks on Dallas and Michigan law enforcement officers, the Glenrock Police Department is working even harder to integrate itself as a trusted part of the community.
“The police department belongs to the people of the community,” Glenrock Police Chief Tim Hurd said. “The department isn’t me, but it’s all the officers and the residents of Glenrock.”
Hurd’s reaction to the recent violence against police across the country is to open up and become a more integral component of the community and earn the trust of those under his watch, rather than close ranks.
Part of the community policing philosophy that Hurd brings to town means continued positive interactions with residents, especially the younger generations.
Walking into Hurd’s office means seeing cases of toys and gifts for children that he and his officers come in contact with.
His goal is to make sure that simple encounters such as traffic tickets, a routine part of the job, become less of a negative interaction by offering a small toy or gift to the children present.
This community interaction seems to be working. Hurd is regularly inundated with high-fives and fist-bumps from the local children on his rounds around town.
Ultimately, he believes that the small  positive interactions on a daily basis will bring  swifter compliance and reduce negative reactions when the officers need to enforce more severe laws.
His theory is that if people come to trust the local officers, they will not be as prone to flee or resist when confronted by those same officers for major offenses and will reduce risk of injury or use of force.
Hurd has only been in the position as GDP chief for four months, but has experienced this shift in mentality at his previous positions as chief.
“Accountability is everything,” he said. “God forbid, if anything like the officer-involved shootings in Douglas or Minnesota happens in Glenrock. But we hope that if it does we have earned the trust of the public so they don’t jump to conclusions before the investigation is complete. The loss of life is tragic no matter what the circumstances are.”


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