Does the mayor hate Glenrock?

Patrick Marin



Hello, my name is Patrick. I am the general manager of the Historic Hotel Higgins. I have some questions for the mayor of our fine city.

First off, do you hate our town? I only ask because it seems that you have no desire to allow Glenrock it’s place on the national and international stage. I am, of course, talking about the mayor’s clearly brilliant idea to get rid of the Paleon Museum. You know, the museum that is literally a world-famous place for scientists and dinosaur enthusiasts to come and marvel over.

And for what? Some parking spaces. Because we all know how important those are, can’t ever have enough parking spaces, especially at the cost of Glenrock’s most famous tourist attraction. But it gets even worse than that. Not only has our mayor decided that parking is more important science, but this bone-headed decision will also affect local businesses heavily.

As the manager of the Hotel Higgins, I can tell you that the Paleon is our second most reliable source of business behind seasonal hunters. By getting rid of the Paleon, the mayor will effectively cripple half of our business. Now, not only is that bad for us here at the Higgins, but it also effects all the other local businesses around the town, because when the Higgins has guests, they shop and eat and drink at the other local businesses. By authorizing the effective destruction of the museum, not only is the mayor saying that he doesn’t care about Glenrock’s place outside of Wyoming, but he is also very clearly saying that he doesn’t care about the local business of Glenrock, and by extension, the wonderful people that make Glenrock the place that it is. And for what again? Some parking spots.

As a resident of Glenrock, as a business operator in Glenrock, and as an enjoyer of science and education, I implore the people of Glenrock to please, tell the mayor no.

Raise your voice, make your opinion heard and don’t allow this idiotic man that is our mayor take away one of the most iconic places in Glenrock, just because he thinks there aren’t enough places to park.


Patrick Marin,



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