Bringing the semi-finals home

Phillip Harnden photos
Isak Elisson crosses into the endzone with ease after breaking through the Lovell defense. The Herders hammered the Bulldogs 61-6 in the first round of playoffs Friday.

By Dimitrios Dowse

Purple clad fans bundled up against the chill autumn wind Friday to support the Herd at the Sheldon Henderson stadium. Even the most optimistic Herder fan couldn’t predict the 61-6 domination their team would demonstrate against Lovell in the first round playoffs.
In the typical Herders’ fashion they rushed the ball down the field for 54 points in the first half alone.
This team seems to be on track to do what they set out to do in the beginning of the season, win state. The semi final round of the playoffs bring the Pine Bluffs Punchers to Glenrock for a chance to do what not one team in the conference has been able to this season, slow down this vicious offense.
The Pine Bluffs team is coming off a first round victory over Newcastle, where they were able to put 42 points on the scoreboard. The Punchers offense is more known for running a spread offense. The spread offense typically will have the quarterback in the shotgun position and “spread” the defense by employing four to five receivers.
The Herder team has some fantastic ability in the ball carrying department, and as the ball carriers will openly admit that without having a seam opened up for them by an offensive lineman, they have nowhere to go.
Recognition isn’t part of what makes these boys tick, it’s knowing that they are contributing to the team goal of getting the football across the goal line.
“Knowing that you are making those blocks, and you are helping that guy make a touchdown, it’s all right if he gets all the recognition, because you know you helped,” junior Kale Kuhlman said of the selfless role of a successful lineman.
Sometimes when the lineman are doing such a good job they get the opportunity to move to a different position. Senior Dalton Davies, who predominately plays tight end, helps create holes for his quarterback and running backs, but occasionally plays quarterback himself.
“I play quarterback during our spread offense,” Davies said.
Dalton actually threw the ball Friday and was able to put points on the board with a 24 yard run.
Dalton attributes the teams success to hard work in practice and having each others back by doing whatever it is that the team needs.
“During games we can’t sit and think about the last play, we have to refocus and move on,” Davies said.


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