Artists hone skills via community ed programs

(Zach Miners photo/The Glenrock Independent)
Instructor Cheryl Feeback provides guidance to student Tiffany Theine during the course.



Kathy Stewart is color blind, but you would never know it from her painting of a rooster.


Her artful depiction of the animal was faithful to a photograph she was using for reference. Her use of color was spot-on, just like the paintings of other students in the class.


Stewart has been painting for roughly 20 years. But she’s just getting back into it now, after a hiatus she was forced to take due to the schedule of a previous job.


Her favorite subject to paint is animals; she has completed other paintings of a windswept horse in a field, a cow and a calf. 


But, “this is my first time doing feathers,” she said – a new challenge she accepted.


Stewart is one of a handful of students enrolled in the Art for Adults class through Glenrock Community Education.


Formed in partnership with Eastern Wyoming College and Converse County School District #2, Glenrock Community Education offers a variety of classes for people of all ages, recreation opportunities, drivers education, American Sign Language courses and more.


The students have been meeting for the Art for Adults class since January at the Glenrock Rec Center as part of Community Ed’s spring class offerings. The course meets on Wednesdays for eight weeks and is focused on oil painting.


In addition to the rooster, students in the course have also worked on still life paintings and portraits.


The students come from a variety of art backgrounds and ages, though generally they all have moved through the class at the same pace, instructor Cheryl Feeback said.


Tiffany Theine is another student in the class. She started painting just last October.


“It’s super challenging for me,” she said with a laugh. But, “I’ve always liked art, and I saw the ad for the course,” so she decided to enroll.


During the class on April 7, Feeback provided guidance to Theine on how best to flesh out the plumage and eye of the rooster.


And then there’s Jim Collins, a 20-year Glenrock resident who started painting in 2006, during a different art course with Feeback.


“She’s a great teacher and a very good artist,” he said.


His rendition of the rooster was detailed and nuanced.


“It’s just about there,” he said as he concentrated on his brush stroke.


Feeback then walked over and provided some useful feedback to Collins.


“What I like about your eye, Jim, is that it’s different from the photograph, but it’s still very believable,” she said.


She then provided some direction on how he could address a section of the canvas that was giving him some trouble.


“This here is a litle too much real estate without much variation,” she said, setting him on a new course.


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