Allen, Rakisits take cross county gold

Clifford J. Smith / Glenrock Independent photo

Wesston Allen tries to snap his opponent in the hopes of taking the 3rd spot in Freestyle for the 12U 74 lb wight division.  Allen places 5th in Folkstyle, 4th in Freestyle and takes 3rd in Greco.

Clifford J. Smith

The Glenrock Wrestling Club took to a tournament just across the county in Douglas earlier this month for the annual Bearcat Brawl. Just over a whopping 550 participants took part in the brawl in three different styles of wrestling over two days. The event was kicked off March 4 with Freestyle followed up by Greco. That following Sunday ended the tourney with Folkstyle. Bearcat Brawler belt winners are Brody Allen & Teagan Rakisits, who placed first in all three styles.


The results for the GWC are as follows:



Tanner Anderson - 2nd/1st

Acelynn Stephens - 4th


Hattie Holman - 1st

Daxton Smith - 2/2DNP/DNP/6th

Reilly Ward - 2/2DNP/5th/3rd

Maxwell Rivera - DNP


Carter Holman - 5th/5th/5th

Sam Harrison - 3rd/4th/2nd

Fredd Harrison - 5th/1st/1st

Sterling Smith - 1st/4th/2nd

Rylee Stewart - 2nd/3rd/3rd

Ethan Reid - 1/2DNP

Henry Halverson - 1/2DNP

Savanna Felton - 4th

Cal Stephens - 2/2DNP/6th

Drew Johnson - DNP

Kable Allen - DNP/5th

Bryce Reid - DNP

Christian Ward - DNP/5th/3rd

Garrison Granaa - DNP

Ashton Walters - 4th


Wesston Allen - 5th/4th/3rd

Cody Lewis - 4th/4th

Zach Ward - 6th/6th/DNP

Damani Baughman - 6th


Teagan Rakisits - 1st/1st/1st

Brody Allen - 1st/1st/1st

Kristian Martin - 1st/3rd/2nd

Nick Ticknor - 3rd

Wes Holman - 5th/5th/5th

Joel Williams - 3rd/2nd/2nd

Kelton Stewart - 3rd/2nd/3rd

Charlie Halverson - DNP

Skyron Granaas - 4th

Kaylin Dines - 2nd/2nd


Cole Barker - 2nd

Lucy Ticknor - 1st&3rd

Clayton Aliport - 4th/5th/4th

Hunter Rivera - 5th


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