2018 Primary Election results for Converse County

Results for the 2018 Primary Election for Converse County were posted at 8:27 p.m. this evening, with 3,436 Republican voters turning out in the county and 223 Democrats. In total, 62 percent of Republican voters turned out and 40 percent of Democrats.

For the Douglas mayor race, Rene Kemper secured the most votes, earning 691 for 49 percent of the voting population. Also advancing will be Phil Romero, who picked up 368 votes for 26 percent for the vote. Doug Olson failed to advance, finishing just shy of Romero with 308 votes.

In the Glenrock mayor race, Bruce Roumell was the top vote recipient, earning 368 votes for 54 percent, while Linda Care-Smith finished with 171 votes for 25 percent.

In the Glenrock Town Council race, Anna Belle "Boots" Faunce picked up 436 votes (32 percent), with Roy Kincaid coming in second with 276 votes (20 percent). Tiffany Larramendy picked up 252 votes for 18 percent, with Russ Dalgarn earning 160 votes (12 percent). Dennis Flynn will not advance in the race, earning just 86 votes for 6 percent of the vote.

The Converse County Senior Citizens District barely passed, with 1,779 votes in favor of the district and 1,609 opposing it.

In the United States Senate race, John Barrasso received the most votes for the Republican party with 2,309 for 67 percent of the vote, while Dave Dodson secured 818 votes for 24 percent and Foster Friess with 799 votes (23 percent). For the Democratic party, Gary Trauner ran unopposed and picked up 194 votes for 87 percent.

In the governor race, Harriet Hageman earned 1,055 votes in total for the Republican party, while Mark Gordon had 830 for 24.16 percent. Mary Throne secured 136 votes for the Democratic Party to advance (61 percent), with Michael Allen Green picking up 22 votes for 15 percent of the vote.

The race for United States Representative race saw Liz Cheney secure 2,325 votes in the county for 68 percent of the vote, while Rod Miller was the next highest vote-getter, amassing 490 votes for 14 percent.

In the county commissioner race, Tony Lehner earned the most votes, picking up 2,195 votes (21 percent), with Robert Short just behind in 2,056 votes (19.95 percent) and Jim Willox securing 1,860 votes (18 percent).

As for Converse County Coroner, Ross Gorman finished with 2,482 votes for 72 percent of the vote, with Russ Dalgarn receiving 772 votes for 22 percent of the vote.

For the County Clerk race, Lucile Taylor picked up 2,212 votes for 64 percent of the vote, while Michelle Maines finished with 1,026 votes for 30 percent.


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