Your Thoughts - Parents Express Concern Over Degenfelder's Rhetoric

As parents of school-age children in Wyoming, we were disgusted to see our Superintendent of Public Instruction enthusiastically sharing the stage with the cofounder of Moms for Liberty, expressing much of the same extremist anti-educator rhetoric.
Moms for Liberty has been labeled an anti-government extremist organization for its targeting of vulnerable youth, teachers and school officials. They spread hateful slurs and imagery against the LGBTQIA+2 community, advance conspiracy propaganda, are working to ban books across the state, and oppose a racially inclusive school curriculum.
At a time when we are in a teacher shortage crisis, the Superintendent of Public Instruction should be the biggest cheerleader for our incredible educators. She should be working with the teachers’ union to increase retention and attract talent from across the country, instead Ms. Degenfelder chooses to demonize a valuable strategic partner. Jumping at the opportunity to share the stage with the cofounder of an organization that has targeted and demoralized teachers and school officials for years sends a strong message to public educators in Wyoming that they are not respected.
Contrary to her comments that suggest public schools are fraying our nation’s social fabric, Wyoming’s educators are not pushing radical political agendas or giving students books that include “graphic sexual depictions”; they are simply teaching our kids and they deserve better from Ms. Degenfelder. With a Superintendent intent on blaming the overworked and underpaid heroes that sacrifice so much for our kids, it’s no wonder that more teachers are fleeing the State in favor of locations where their efforts are appreciated.
Contrary to Ms. Degenfelder’s overly dramatic declaration, we don’t wish to silence her. As parents of children in Wyoming’s public schools, we want her to be a champion for public education instead of trying to score political points legitimizing extremist organizations at the expense of our teachers and children.
Signed not only as party leaders, but as concerned parents of children in Wyoming’s public schools,
Mandy Weaver, chair,
Washakie County Democratic Party; Chris Kost, co-chair, Natrona County Democratic Party; Meghan Jensen, chair,
Sweetwater County Democratic Party; Jordan Evans, chair;
Laramie County Democratic Party


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