Wyoming Governor announces coronavirus task force

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

Governor Mark Gordon announced the creation of five coronavirus task forces today, March 16. Each one will be headed by the five top-elected officials in order to provide a coordinated, focused response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, officials reported.


The Governor’s office will coordinate the health task force while Secretary of State Ed Buchanan will head the task force focused on state services and operations; Auditor Kristi Racines will lead the task force focused on business and the financial sector; Treasurer Curt Meier will lead the transportation and infrastructure task force; and Superintendent Jillian Balow will lead the education task force. All task force heads will report to Governor Gordon for final coordination.


“We are rapidly escalating our response to the very real health concerns coronavirus poses,” Gordon said. “As we do, however, we must realize that closing businesses and suspending travel and public events poses a threat to employment and business viability. Our responses to these threats must be focused and measured, and that’s what these teams will bring to a changing situation.”


Each task force will meet as long as needed and issue recommendations on best practices to address the multifaceted challenges that Wyoming is likely to face in the weeks and months to come.


“Wyoming’s five statewide elected officials regularly work together on policy matters,” said Secretary of State Edward Buchanan.


“We are each fully prepared to quickly stand-up these task forces as directed and work in tandem with Governor Gordon on a unified response by the State of Wyoming in the days and weeks ahead,” he said.


“Wyoming is poised to lead during this time of unprecedented challenges. Governor Gordon’s steady leadership is both responsive and proactive,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow “My statewide colleagues and I stand at the ready to lead these task forces and continue down the path of preparation and thoughtful response.”


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