WYO 59 to add passing lanes

Ethan Bergan

New passing lanes will be added to WYO 59 connecting Douglas and Bill. Several passing lanes, each around 1.3- 2 miles long, will be added, totaling 12.3 miles of new passing lanes, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

The first part of this project connected Gillette and Douglas with a price tag of $6.4 million. This phase of construction is underway costing $6.25 million and is expected to be completed Oct. 31, 2017. Four northbound passing lanes will be added at mile markers 7.1, 13.7, 20.2 and 27. Four southbound lanes will also be added at mile markers 34.7, 25.1, 17.5 and 11.4.

Adding passing lanes will hopefully decrease the number of fatal car crashes occurring on highways in the county. Between 2012-2016 25 fatal crashes resulted in 28 deaths in Converse County, according to reports from WYDOT.

James Barnes, resident engineer for the project, believes this will relieve traffic congestion and make WYO 59 a safer route to travel.

“I think it will help with safety,” he said.

“When it’s real busy around here when the oil field is really going you get a lot of different speeds of traffic, you get slow moving trucks, you get some faster vehicles that will kind of, alleviate


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