Walkin’ on grant money: Glenrock path will be finished in 2019

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The Town of Glenrock has secured more than $600,000 in funding to complete the walking and bike path. 

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Glenrock has a nice walking path, but it’s incomplete in spots. Thanks to a WYDOT grant, a Wyoming Business Council grant and Converse County funding, the path will grow and improve next year.
“We’re going to be able to finish our walkpath, from one end of town to the other,” Glenrock Public Works Director Randy Rumpler said of the town’s grant wins. “It gets used a lot and a lot of people have been asking for the path to be completed.”
The path will run from Colt Street to the school and then from Third to Ninth Street.
Glenrock won a $466,000 grant from WYDOT, which covers the majority of the walkway costs. Last week, the Wyoming Business Council, part of the state’s Economic Development Agency, awarded the town a $73,000 grant to help cover the difference. Converse County will also chip in $50,000 according to Glenrock Town Clerk Tammy Taylor.
“I think it’s great,” Taylor said. “If you can get people into town they can spend in our shops.”
Per the Business Council press release, the funds will help “expand and enhance the walking and biking trail system spanning the town of Glenrock” and cover “pedestrian crosswalk striping, solar-powered crosswalk lighting, landscaping, parking area, signage, benches, ADA ramps and bollards.”
Glenrock Mayor Doug Frank said that the town hopes to continue working on the pathway and expanding it in the future, in addition to making use of the grant funds this coming spring.
“It’ll require quite some investment on the part of the town,” Frank said. “It will take a number of years as well. It’s not just a matter of money, it’s a matter of time. I can think of very few projects that fit more squarely in that category of ‘What helps Glenrock be relevant to the families that live here and the families that we’re trying to attract?”
Frank said he feels the path will be a draw for the town, especially if later phases (not part of the initial construction) come to fruition.
The town is also hoping to add a path along Mormon Canyon Road when Mormon Canyon Road is rebuilt, which could take place next year.
“What we would like to see eventually happen is (a path) from Dave Johnston all the way to Casper,” Frank said, “and then from where it intersects now at the old highway down to South Rec.”


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