Vipers can’t strike late, fall to Yanks

Noah Halsey opensw the game from the mound and held the hits to minimum, helping the Vipers to enter the top of the final inning in the lead.

Phillip Harnden

The Glenrock Vipers’ crowd was bigger than the home team’s Casper Yankee’s on Tuesday night as the local favorites started showing their true potential.

After being routed severely in the first two games of the season by the Red Sox and Orioles, the Vipers stepped out onto the fresh cut grass of Washington Park in Casper last night as a new team.

Noah Halsey took the mound for the first three innings and managed to keep the game within reach of victory. Bryston Jennings pitched the second half and threw a 13-pitch inning, keeping the Vipers on top 7-6 until the bottom of the sixth.

An unfortunate overthrow cost two runs in the bottom of the sixth, leaving the Vipers down 8-7.

With this near victory, the other teams in 5A youth baseball may start taking this new team seriously.

Although, coach Jennings is good about making sure the players don’t get too serious.

“Noah, remember to have fun,” Jennings shouted to Halsey on the mound during the game.

The team practices and trains to win, but Jennings seems to be pushing for intense play while maintaining the love of the game and encouraging players to enjoying their time on the field.

The Vipers will play the Orioles again June 6 at 8 p.m. and face the Athletics on June 7 at 6 p.m.; both games at Washington Park in Casper.

They will be hosting the first home game in more than a decade on June 8 at the Glenrock High School ball field at 6 p.m. They will be playing the Yankees again in a rematch of last night’s close matchup.

Work has already started on the field and it is expected to be game-ready by the first pitch.


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