Unapproved Minutes...

Unapproved Minutes
Board of Commissioners of Converse County

The regular meeting was called to order at 8:35 a.m. on July 5, 2017. Present were Chair Rick Grant, Vice-Chair Robert Short, Commissioners Mike Colling, Tony Lehner, and County Clerk Lucile Taylor. Commissioner Willox was excused.

Mr. Lowell Fleenor and others from WYDOT discussed the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).Mr. Joe Olson, Devon Energy, discussed the current disposal facility that is in the area of Walker Creek Road. The Commissioners submitted a letter on behalf of Devon Energy to the WY DEQ for this facility.

The minutes of the regular meeting on June 20, 2017 were approved and ordered filed.

Mr. Colling moved to approve accounts payable $3808028.42: 8360 A Diamond Trucking; 411.31 AT&T; 2234.74 Adv Thermal Solutions; 475 Agility Recovery; 270 Alcohol & Drug Testing; 1000 Alley, Linda; 643.30 ALSCO; 1203.50 Arrow; 6335.42 Asphalt Doctors; 2687.74 Atlas Office; 1154.38 B&B Leasing; 650 Barrett Counseling; 75.85 Basic Maintenance; 251 Beene’s Floorcovering; 201.37 Bison Pump; 2482.18 Black Hills Energy; 8717.50 Blackburn Cattle; 1477.15 Bloedorn Lumber-Douglas; 325576 BCBS of WY; 223.78 Bob Barker Co; 422.38 Bob Ruwart Motors; 450 Body Shop; 150 Bonanza Earth; 2000 Boys & Girls Club Douglas; 125.20 Bright, Robin; 56.60 Brothers Propane; 293 Bryan C Cropper DMD PC; 1074.49 Bush-Wells; 3876 ByteSpeed; 96.52 Casper S-T; 529.27 Casper Window; 758.03 CDW Govt;124.95 Center for Education; 11585.96 CenturyLink; 480 Chemsearch; 1582.20 City of Douglas; 150 City Shoe; 125.52 CMI-TECO; 40275 Comm Technologies; 102 Control Solutions; 13333.37 CC Aging Services; 6400 CC Firewise; 8.59 CC Health Dept; 5000 CC Predator Mgmt; 700 Covenant Ins; 301.20 Cowboy Car Wash; 1453.72 CPS Distributors; 7500 CY Trailers; 44 Cytocheck Lab; 150 Davies, Michael; 356.88 Decker Auto; 599 Desert Snow; 195 Diaz, Samuel; 1800 Dilts, Jerry; 174 Don’s Business Machines; 1707.38 Douglas Budget; 450 Douglas Day Spa; 31.99 Douglas Feed; 4.78 Douglas Grocery; 355.86 Douglas Hardware Hank; 265.04 DTC; 2500 DYH; 525 Emery Septic; 587.21 Etchemendy, Stacey; 731 F&C Door Check; 30 Fangrow, Elvvis; 388.82 Farmer Bros; 603.51 Fastenal Co; 4278 Fat Boys Tire; 581559.25 FSA; 22.70 First Call; 104.58 Fleet Fueling; 115 Flexshare; 140.70 Fowler, Leslie; 900 Gastroenterology Assoc; 7.46 Gene’s Plumbing; 1125 Glenrock Chamber; 23.04 Glenrock
Hardware Hank; 3333.37 Glenrock Housing; 490.90 Glenrock Motorsports; 400 Glenrock Paleontological Museum; 890.72 Grainger; 273.92 Grant, Richard; 17020.80 Grant, Richard C JR; 4218.75 Greenwood Mapping; 18415.90 GSG Architecture; 200 Gudahl Williams; 455 Hansuld, Tia; 52.97 Harbor Freight; 365172.19 Hedquist Const; 9489 Henson Fencing; 26.75 Hinton, Chris; 26.75 Hiser, Kim; 27294.89 Homax; 1550 Home Town Printed Apparel; 3394.09 Hood’s Equipment; 26.76 Hubbard, Kyra; 65.73 Hughes. Net; 1125 Human Resource Council of CC; 3637.50 Hutchinson, Hal; 3240 iFocus Consulting; 42626.38 IME; 36.50 Inland Truck; 350 Inner Strength; 1622.84 InterMountain Record; 120.95 Interstate Batteries; 550.50 Jack’s Truck; 9374.89 Jerry’s Welding; 3312.27 Johnson Controls; 1620 K&R Const; 605640.47 Knife River; 5975 Knights of AK-SAR-BEN; 1158.67 LPHS; 376 Laramie Range Water; 124.18 Learning ZoneXpress; 162.64 Lehner, Tony; 2059.54 Lexisnexis; 1593.29 Mark Hardee, Attorney; 26.75 Martin, Tiffany; 444.97 McKesson Medical; 911.50 Medicine Bow Tech; 52681.60 MHCC; 665.82 Menards; 24.62 Merback Award; 1822.12 Merck Sharp & Dohme; 16250 MHL Systems; 295.38 Microsoft; 1110 Millennial Vision; 50000 Mobile Concrete; 177.59 Motion Ind; 11763.94 Motorola; 2678.22 NAPA; 238.16 NAPA-Glenrock; 60 Natl Assn of Chiefs of Police; 333.55 National Ticket; 623.68 Newman Traffic Signs; 456.61 Norco; 4544.89 Office Depot; 1977.29 OK Wrecking; 25732.50 Olsen DeWayne; 93.59 One Stop; 526.80 Overhead Door; 270.15 Patterson Linda; 202 Peak Fitness; 1352.21 Peterbilt of WY; 641.70 Pitney Bowes; 38130.33 Platte County SO; 1460.46 Power Equipment; 11770 Price Pumping; 7900.07 ProForce Law Enf; 7020 Progressive Microtechnology; 963 R&R Rest Stops; 15 Reiter Machine Fab; 177.85 Richardson Quentin; 5839.06 RMP; 7.25 Rocky Mtn Wash; 4.95 Ron’s; 5932.50 Safariland; 421.72 Safety Kleenp; 195.80 Safeway; 653.99 Sam’s;1146040 Sampson Const; 74 Sandy’s Sewing; 1338.09 Shatto’s; 192.60 Shaw, David; 162.88 Shopko; 26.75 Shuler Kristy; 562 The Sidwell Co; 54.57 Source Office; 27.26 State of WY; 3575 Stearns, Jane MS LPC; 103.32 Stericycle; 372.41 Stotz Equip; 1367.50 Strata; 2790 Superior Signs; 150 Swanz, Thomas; 15000 T&B Const; 1348 Tempure Scientific; 275 Thunder Basin Orthopaedics; 261.81 Top Office; 919.80 Town of Glenrock; 1651.52 Tractor Supply; 36.80 TransUnion Risk;31097.33 TrueNorth Steel; 30 Trujillo, Sara; 64.20 Tschida, Tiffany; 2682 Turtle Rock Ranch; 53.85 Twin Peaks Pump; 244.28 Tyler Tech; 1800 USPO; 88 UW; 500 USA Arm Wrestling Assn;111 UW 4-H CC; 2673.56 Verizon; 17451.86 Visa; 1489.80 Visionary; 2025 Wallis, Judy; 10740 WatchGuard Video; 50 Wehr, Rylan; 3862.50Weidenhamer, Leslie; 10221.90 Western EcoSystems Tech; 64.20 Wilde, Shawn; 40 Williams, Gavin; 127.50 Wireless Adv Comm; 134.34 Woody’s Tip Top; 29541 WBI; 1000 WY Coalition; 220 WY Co Assessors Assn; 12000 WYDOH-Public Health Nursing; 1622.25 WYDOT; 2500 WY Independent Living; 2775.90 WLEA; 1965.40 WY Medical Center; 1707 WY Otolaryngology; 911 WY Public Health Lab; 855.60 WY Quarter Horse Assn; 425 WSF; 180 WY T2/LTAP Center; 2877.17 WY GAL Program; 2421.95; 3333.37 YDS; 24750 Z Lazy Y Trucking; monthly reports: May: Health, 2760.13; Sheriff, 2237.78; June: Assessor, 13; Clerk of DC, 1699.21; other monthly reports: Jail, Library, CCTPB, Airport; tax ref/can: 2017-47 Brisco Demo 204.87; Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

Mr. Short moved to approve the Client Data Access Agreement with Tyler Technologies for access to their programs housed on the County’s servers, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried. Mr. Colling moved to grant Surface Owner Consent for Right of Entry, Ingress and Egress for AML Project No. 17.6B-Brierley to WY DEQ and its agents, for County property in the Meadowlark Subdivision, Mr. Short seconded, motion carried.

Mr. Colling moved to approve the Amendment to Agreement dated August 7, 2014 between Pictometry International Corporation and Converse County for the Second Phase of Imagery, $128,451.33, Mr. Short seconded, discussion: local governmental agencies will reimburse a portion of the cost, motion carried.

Mr. Short moved to ratify the Seismic Permit Request of Paragon Geophysical to conduct a seismic survey across the County’s property in the Meadowlark Subdivision, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

Mr. Colling moved to adopt the policy regarding employees whose positions are primarily funded through grants as it pertains to their salaries for future budgets, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried. The regular meeting recessed at 12:10 p.m. and reconvened at 1:00 p.m.

Mr. Short moved to approve the Permits to Bore for Western Gas Resources to bore Jenne Trail in two locations, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

Mr. Cal Twiford, IME, reported on various road construction projects.

Mr. Colling moved to approve the Certificate of Substantial Completion for the Irvine and Anderson Dairy Roads Pavement Rehabilitation Project, June 22, 2017, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

Mr. Hal Hutchinson and Ms. Lauren Griffith discussed the bids for the FF&E for the Jt. Justice Center. Mr. Short moved to approve a Notice of Intent to Award to Source Office & Technology, Laramie, Wyoming, $193,329.11, for furnishing and installing certain Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (FF&E) for the Converse County Joint Justice Center Project, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried. The City of Douglas must also approve.

Mr. Short moved to approve a Notice of Intent to Award to Wyoming Office Products & Interiors, Casper, Wyoming, $59,260.00, for furnishing and installing certain Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (FF&E) for the Converse County Joint Justice Center, Mr. Colling seconded, motion carried. The City of Douglas must also approve.

The regular meeting recessed at 2:30 p.m. into a work session and the Board of Health.

The regular meeting reconvened at 5:00 p.m.

Mr. Short moved to approve Resolution 02-17, by short title, A RESOLUTION TO AMEND CONVERSE COUNTY RESOLUTION 03-14 RELATING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SALARIES TO BE PAID TO ELECTED COUNTY OFFICIALS, Mr. Lehner seconded, motion carried.

The regular meeting adjourned at 6:08 p.m. on July 5, 2017. /s/ Richard C. Grant, Jr., Chair Attest: Lucile K. Taylor, Converse County Clerk

Publish: July 13, 2017 3303


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