Town votes ‘yes’ to new Lincoln roof

The Lincoln Building on Birch Street in Glenrock.

Sandra Mudd (
“We’re just trying to fix things up, get it operable and get the roof to quit leaking.” - Public Works Director Randy Rumpler
A resolution to make repairs to the Lincoln Building’s roof passed with a unanimous vote on Monday at the town  council meeting. 
The winning bid was awarded to Colling Commercial Roofing in the amount of $28,946. 
The lower roof will be replaced and restructured with new rain gutters and the upper roof will receive new boots around the pipes.  
“We’re just trying to fix things up, get it operable and get the roof to quit leaking,” Public Works Director Randy Rumpler said.
The building, founded in November 1994, currently houses Glenrock’s Paleontological Museum, which is home to numerous dinosaur bones found in Wyoming from the Jurassic and Cretaceous Eras such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops, and also the Dr. Robert T. Bakker Education Center, as well as several offices. 
The pre-bidding process was held Dec. 1 and open bids were held Dec. 8. The other  two companies to bid on the project were Weathercraft Company at $36,667 and Gen City Roofing at $44,883.


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