In their second season, Knights staying true to admiration for baseball

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Aidan Orozco connects on a pitch during a game against Sturgis on June 16. He is one of many returning players for the Knights this season.

Eddie Poe

When Knights players run off the field after recording an out or return to the dugout after scoring a run, they’re constantly reminded of the reason they take the field.
“No matter what, it’s just a game that we all love to play,” Aidan Orozco said. “We all love going out there -- making plays in the field, coming up to bat -- it’s why we play.”
During games, Knights players are always up on the fence encouraging one another, offering uplifting words after a tough play and staying positive no matter the moment. It’s inevitable. They’re tough to miss.
“Every time we make a good play, coach Jennings is always there to hype us up,” Orozco said. “He’ll say, ‘come on boys, we have to come get the sticks going.’ Even when we’re down, he always has positive things to say and it helps make it more fun for all of us.”
It’s been an uphill, yet rewarding battle for the Knights since re-establishing legion baseball in Glenrock. As a young team in 2017, coach Jennings and the Knights traveled to Rock Springs at the conclusion of the season and competed at the state tournament for the first time. It was challenging, but in many ways, helped instill a new sense of purpose in their second season.
Last week, Orozco and teammates enjoyed an evening with the I League team in Glenrock, a team also coached by Jennings. A teaching moment for the youngsters, also turned out to be a teaching moment for many Knights players.
“You saw the smiles on their faces, you could tell they really enjoyed it and love baseball,” Orozco said. “I’m hoping that by doing things like that it will help them to understand that playing baseball in Glenrock is a fun experience.”
In years past, Orozco said that many have chosen to play in Casper rather than Glenrock because of any number of reasons.
He also added that despite tough times, when results aren’t ideal, it’s important for future players and parents to know that there’s a great reason for keeping baseball local.
“Even when we aren’t doing well on the field, it’s still important that (we) try,” Orozco said. “Even with hard work, there’s always room to get better.”
Orozco has been playing the game he loves since the age of three when hitting the ball off the tee was a feat to cherish. His older brother, Elias, was a member of last year’s Knights team and this year, Aidan shares the field with his younger brother, Rylan.
Aidan is thankful for all that the team’s parents do for the Knights. From helping with concessions, to raising money for their uniforms and making it possible for a school bus to become their primary mode of transportation.
Through it all, they’ve become much closer. Rather than just being teammates, the Knights have become a brotherhood. The will of Orozco and his teammates is there, in plain sight. Each day they’re working to become better players and better role models for those who will one day fill their shoes.
The Knights’ true motivation will be put on display once more tonight as they return to the field to host the Douglas Cats.


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