Starting like a dream

Starting like a dream
Phillip Harnden (
By Phillip Harnden
Opening the season with a 37-14 win helps set the stage for the season. If that win is by a wide margin it boosts the team’s confidence. But when the first play of the game, the kickoff, is run back for a 90-yard touchdown, a team knows they are unstoppable.
That is how Glenrock started their game and season on Friday. Senior Garrett Schwindt wheeled 90 yards to grab the first six points of the season in the first six seconds of the game.
“One of my goals for this season was to run back a kick,” Schwindt said. “It’s a good start to the season.”
Schwindt ran for 177 yards and two touchdowns as well as another 45-yard kickoff return in the second half. He finished off the game with three more personal yards than the total team yards Pinedale earned in the entire game.
Coming in just behind Schwindt for ball movement was Cooper Fargen with 126 yards in 21 carries for a slightly higher average of six yards per attempt.
As a team, they had a 351 yard game compared to Pinedale’s lackluster 175 yards.
“We hope we will just climb from here and earn more success during the season,” Schwindt said of their decisive win.
“Our effort was excellent on Friday,” coach Ray Kumpula said. “We can always improve, but they are playing hard from snap to whistle.”
The Herder defense is certainly also doing their job as they held Pinedale to only 175 yards on both the ground and in the air.
The Herd will be facing off against Thermopolis this Friday at 7 p.m. at home. 
Unranked Thermopolis was thoroughly trampled by the Greybull Bison 63-0 last week and shouldn’t be much more than a speed bump to the no. 1 ranked Herders as they try to fulfill the preseason prophecy of a state championship.
However the teams have split the last eight games with visitors winning the last two.
“Hopefully we can fix our flaws from last week and do even better,” Schwindt said.
He knows that nothing is a given when it comes to Football says “any given Friday can surprise you, however.”


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