Sibling Royalty: Keeping Up With The Cathcarts

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Twin siblings Brody and Kaitlyn Cathcart have grown up in Glenrock and take part in numerous organizations. Kaitlyn has been with the volleyball team for all four years of high school while Brody is taking on football for the first time. 

Harrison Epstein

They’re the king and queen of Glenrock High School. Literally, they were named the school’s Homecoming King and Queen earlier this year. But that was just one moment in the senior year of twins Brody and Kaitlyn Cathcart.
Kaitlyn is on her fourth year with the varsity volleyball team while Brody is taking his first shot on the football field after previously being the volleyball team manager. The time constraints of being an athlete are more than enough to fill up a student’s day, but the Cathcart twins have so much more.
They’re both members of Student Council, National Honors Society and the Future Business Leaders of America along with taking part in any after-school activity that opens up as a possibility. They’re also taking seven college-level classes apiece this year — everything from math and English to band and weightlifting.
The twins are in the band as well, Kaitlyn plays the clarinet and Brody, the trumpet. When they performed for a judge, they used the name “The Musical Twins” for their self-described spunky performance.
When they do music together, it’s jazz and opera. Outside of school, Brody plugs in 80s rock and Kaitlyn turns to early-2000s pop. If the two are at a dance or event and Kaitlyn notices Brody isn’t singing or dancing, she’ll request the DJ put on either “Downtown” by Macklemore or Lipps Inc.’s “Funkytown.”
“My singing probably isn’t the best, there’s a reason I’m in band not choir, but hey, it’s fun,” Brody laughed.
Kaitlyn is an All-State choir soprano, one of the few activities she does alone. More than a list of titles and accomplishments, Brody and Kaitlyn are best friends. The two are borderline inseparable.
During a day when Brody missed school this year, Kaitlyn said that she was lonely since they typically walk the halls together between classes. Whenever one has an issue, the other is ready and able to help them out in any way possible, inside or outside of school.
More than being siblings, the two display daily across Glenrock that they’re best friends — adding that Brody’s gridiron teammate Julih Pittsley is basically their other brother. The two have an older sister, Kendra, and their parents are Debbie and Lonnie Cathcart. One of the few times that the twins were apart was for 14 minutes, the first 14 minutes of Brody’s life before Kaitlyn was born.
“It kind of individualizes us, which we need,” Kaitlyn said.
As close as the two are, they’re far from the same. Brody does his best to make sure he stays calm to manage homework, football, work and everything else. Kaitlyn opts for rigid organization and a detailed planner to guarantee she can get everything done.
Their methods are different, but the two are both near the top of their class academically and part of that comes from teamwork. They work together to make sure the other gets everything done and doesn’t stress themselves out.
Kaitlyn is a waitress at Perkins on the weekends while Brody does manual labor for his uncle in Bar Nunn. He said that this work, along with class for mechanical design at school, are helping prepare him for a future in architecture.
Brody is planning on studying criminal justice and architecture in college with his eyes set on the FBI. Kaitlyn is preparing for the University of Wyoming for her Bachelor's Degree and Denver for Master’s in genetic counseling.
“I’m really scared to leave Brody, one because he might need help with his college stuff, but two because I’ll miss him,” Kaitlyn joked.
No matter what, the split is coming. Brody is planning on attending Casper College and the two will be apart for the first time. While the split is stressful for them both, they’ve each had their own experiences to lean on for the future.
For Kaitlyn, it’s summer volleyball and leadership camps without her brother, for Brody it was a summer FBI training camp in Laramie where he got to learn and listen from professionals in the field. The two both love Glenrock, they love the small-town living and the open land but know that it may not be in their futures.
The duo is thankful for the relationships they’ve made and the people they get to have in their lives. Even after graduating from high school, they’ll be back to support their classmates and former teammates on the court and the football field.
Their sports schedules, for the fall, are coming to a close, and so will the late nights with teammates and grueling practices. The bus rides together, the football wing nights, it’s all reaching the natural conclusion. There’s a lot of life left for the Cathcarts outside of high school, but they’ll be Herders for life. And proud of it.


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