Saturday Night Lights

Adrian Maas sits atop his own race car that he has been driving since before he could legal drive on the streets.
Kevin Fisher

Racing has always been one of Adrian’s interests, thanks to always being around the track when he was younger. His father, Jeremiah, used to compete in demolition derbies for more than 20 years before transitioning to dirt track racing.

As Adrian grew older, it was only natural to tag along with his father to the track and help him work on the carsand watch the night’s races. As it aught to do, being in the race environment stoked the embers of Adrian’s competitive fire and drove him into competition.

Of course, having his father as the vice-president of Valentine Speedway and his mother, Christina employed as the secretary of the racetrack certainly didn’t hurt matters when it was time to find a new passion.

Last year was Adrian’s rookie year, but he drove like a seasoned veteran on the track. He’s already racked up a handful of awards including last year’s favorite driver, mini-stock rookie of the year and second place overall in the mini-stock class.

Adrian’s gotten a lot of experience on dirt, having raced in approximately 20 races over the course of his twoyear career. Now that he finally has his street license, he says that driving on the streets in Glenrock and around Wyoming isn’t as different as one might expect. If anything, racing helps him be more aware when he is driving on the roads, as he’s constantly scanning his surroundings and becoming a safer driver on public roadways.

Preparation and being aware of other racers on the track is a big part of being a successful racer. Adrian says that each race is different, even with familiar drivers around him.

“Before they throw the green flag, I’m trying to stay calm and collected. I’m looking down the track, trying to find holes, trying to find the smoothest way around the track,” he said. “It’s a little difficult at times keeping track of the other drivers around me. Last race, I ended up spinning out, hitting the wall and getting t-boned.

Overall I’ve wrecked two times, hitting the wall head-on both times. “I’ve broken a lot of stuff.”

This is also the first year that Adrian and Jeremiah are racing in the same class and against each other, which makes for some interesting dinner-time banter.

“I think it makes him try harder to keep up with me,” Jeremiah said. “When we’re racing, I don’t really worry about him or anybody else, unless they’re slow in front of me. It’s fun to have him around. Last year, for the special that night, I was running the enduro (class) and he was running the mini-stock (class), and we both won our specials and it felt really good.

“But when I’m watching him race, I’m proud, scared, concerned, all of it goes through my head at some point.” Adrian says that the atmosphere around the racetrack is an added benefit to the whole experience. Down in the pits, competitors are friendly and helpful, leading to friendships that blossom over the years.

Everyone helps everyone with their cars, advice is given and jokes fly from pit to pit like messenger drones.

The racing season continues through summer and Adrian plans to race as often as he can at the speedway. With any luck and after hours of hard work,\ Adrian plans on unveiling his new race car at the track this Saturday, June 3. Gates open at 5 p.m. with the race scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for seniors (65+) and students and children under the age of 5 are free.


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