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Nevaeh Kal searches for a new book to read at Grant Elementary.

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Scores from Wyoming’s new school assessment test are out, and the Herders appear to have done alright.
Converse County School District #2 Superintendent Coley Shadrick said that there were highs and lows in Glenrock.
“Overall, I thought Converse County School District #2 performed adequately on the first WY-TOPP test,” Shadrick said. “We saw pockets of success throughout grades 3-10 where we performed at or above the state average.”
Shadrick pointed out that this is the very first time that the state has issued the WY-TOPP. That makes it difficult to compare this year’s scores to years past, and impossible to assess long-term trends with just the one-year sample size.
“This first test in the WY-TOPP format enabled us to set a baseline, so we are excited and ready to begin working to improve our scores to ensure that we reflect system success,” Shadrick said. “I know that the staff worked very hard to expose students to the WY-TOPP modular and interim assessments in order to reduce anxiety for the summative assessment that is used for district and school accountability.”
There wasn’t much of a pattern to Herder success, the highest scores were scattered throughout the grades.
“3rd-grade reading, 7th grade English/Language Arts, and all 9th-10th-grade scores were all above the state average,” Sharick said. “The performance on the WY-TOPP at the high school level speaks to an effective system, which is what we are trying to achieve.”
Shadrick didn’t point to any specific subject where the Herders will need to improve, but the school district will work to adjust to the WY-TOPP.
“CCSD#2 will work to develop system success on the WY-TOPP assessment,” Shadrick said. “We are not satisfied with pockets of success, but rather want to stand out as one of the more effective districts in the state.
In order to achieve this, we need to further align our district curriculum to the exact requirements of the WY-TOPP assessment through the identification of priority standards. The new state assessment has increased rigor, which is another area that we need to improve. By identifying priority standards in all grade levels and content areas teachers can focus on increased rigor necessary for students to score well.”


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