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In accordance with W.S. 15-1-110(b)(i), the following is a complete list of department heads and elected officials including gross monthly wages. Also included are all other full-time positions and their respective gross monthly wages. The wages do not include any fringe benefits, nor do they include any overtime. NAME/TITLE/ WAGE: W.D. Frank/Mayor/$400; Bruce Roumell/Councilman/$0; Dennis Flynn/Councilman/$50; Russ Dalgarn/Councilman/$50; Chad Beer/Councilman/$50; James Hardee/Judge/$1200; Jaime Reid/Clerk/$4501.47; Andrew Sibai/Treasurer/$4501.47; Timothy Hurd/Police Chief/$6224.40; Randy Rumpler/Public Works Director/$ 6224.40; Jason Hoppa/Executive Sergeant/$5941.87; Julie Wickett/Patrol Officer/$5522.40; Colter Felton/Detective/$5427.07; Cody Buettgenback/Patrol Officer/$5168.80; Warren Steele/K-9 Patrol Officer/$4830.80; Laura Knollman/Patrol Officer/$4298.67; Karie Moulton/Communications Supervisor/$4501.47; Shelley Steinfeld/Communications Officer/$4108; Dusty Stoddard/Communications Officer/$4108; Larissa Lehman/Communications Officer/$ 3426.80; Franki Brower/Communications Officer/$3132.13; April Hiser/Public Works Foreman/$4917.47; Harold Bean/Municipal Service Worker/$4390.53; Bill Blackburn/Municipal Service Worker/$3712.80; Eric Bowers/Municipal Service Worker/$3522.13; John Funk/Municipal Service Worker/$3626.13; Kevin Reinhart/Municipal Service Worker/$3357.47; Justin Shelton/Municipal Service Worker/$3608.80; Tammy Taylor/Utility Clerk/$3466.67; Stuart Mc- Crary/ACO/$3263.87; Kasey Drummond/Town Planner/$4712.93. TOWN OF GLENROCK. Jaime Reid, Town Clerk.

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