Platte Street mobile home park to be re-done

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The Danaher addition on Platte Street between Fourth and Sixth Streets will be re-done and become 10 lots instead of 16. Current residents will have to vacate the property, although some could buy lots and return. 

Colin Tiernan

Glenrock housing will see some shakeups in the coming months.
At a Glenrock Town Council meeting April 8, Hummer Wickett sought approval for rearranging a mobile home park on Platte Street’s Danaher addition, between Sixth and Fourth Street.
The proposal is one of several housing construction projects that could break ground in Glenrock in the coming months. At the previous town council meeting, former Glenrock Town Councilman Chad Beer revealed plans to build a nine-lot subdivision near the golf course that could add much-needed housing to a county where many newcomers struggle to find a place to live. Beer’s project isn’t yet a done deal.
Town Council members approved Wickett’s plan, and said it would be an improvement to the town.
“I think this is a really nice addition,” Glenrock Town Councilwoman Margaret Nunn said.
The property is currently divided into 16 lots. Wickett said he plans to reconfigure the land into 10 lots and sell them. Individuals could potentially purchase more than one lot and build a house on the land. The land could potentially see houses, although it is likely to remain a mobile home park. Fourteen mobile home owners currently rent space on the property.
Town council unanimously approved the proposal, which had already passed through planning and zoning.
“I think it’ll clean up a lot of the area,” Wickett said of the project.
Some tenants have expressed an interest in purchasing lots and staying, but others will likely have to find somewhere else to live. Mobile homes can be prohibitively expensive to move, and some current residents might not be able to afford to stay.
Wickett said that current residents have to get off the land by July 1, and then the surface of the property will be completely cleared before it’s converted. Construction will also include the addition of water and sewer lines.
“We’ve been having problems with trying to rent it out and trying to get things cleaned up, and getting paid and everything else,” Wickett said. “I would like to see housing, but because there’s a lot of trailers in that area already . . . people are reluctant sometimes to build in that area.”


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