No Fear: Burns better watch out Friday

Andrew Brosig/Torrington Telegram photo
Joshua Clark
Glenrock fell to a tough Torrington team on the road Friday night for their first loss of the season, bringing their record to 1-1. 
The team wasn’t able to maintain what made them successful in their first game against Pinedale, ultimately falling 39-0.
“We did not play well at all,” head coach Ryan Collier said. “We made a lot of mental errors and turned the ball over way too much. 
“As a coaching staff we didn’t have our kids as prepared as we should have. We didn’t get them in the right place mentally, and it resulted in them missing their assignments.
Missed roles were the biggest struggle in the game on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, with guys missing their gaps and faltering in their technique. 
“We weren’t getting low enough and coming off the ball with the intensity we needed,” Collier said.
The jump in competition wasn’t a surprise for the team, according to Collier, but they weren’t able to match the energy Torrington brought into the game.
The loss exposed some changes that need to be made in the way they practice and instill the rules of their system on the team.
“What it comes down to is we need to restructure our practice to give the guys more reps at what they need to get better at,” Collier said.
“We need to reinforce certain rules and understandings so they’re ready to take care of business.”
The Herders rushed for 194 yards as a team and threw for 16, a far cry from the Pinedale game when the duo of Dustin Simmons and Cade Guenther ran rampant.
Glenrock will try to right the ship at home against a big, physical Burns team this week.
They can’t afford to let their intensity falter again.
“They’re big up front and like to be physical, too,” Collier said. “We need to be able to match that and get back to Glenrock football firing off the ball and getting in the mix with people.”
Collier sees the loss as a bad game, not of things to come. The mantra all week will be that it was  a bad performance, and that if they correct the things they need to they will be set up for success the rest of the way through.
“I don’t ever look at any competition as something we should worry about,” Collier said. “I don’t fear playing any team ever.”


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