New chief in town: Theel brings 27 years of experience to post

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The Town of Glenrock welcomed new police chief David Theel to the force March 18. 

Colin Tiernan

Glenrock finally has a new police chief.
After former Glenrock Police Chief Tim Hurd took the Torrington police chief job in late June, Jason Hoppa and Colter Felton each stepped up and served the town in interim police chief roles. But now the new administration’s hire is here, and David Theel is on the job.
Theel comes to Glenrock from the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, in the Tucson area of Arizona. He worked there for nearly three decades, and was a captain in Pima County before taking the Glenrock police chief job.
“Living in southern Arizona for the last 27 years, I was very much interested in living in a climate that has more than the seasons of warm and hot,” Theel said with a chuckle.
Theel also said that after working in a whole range of capacities in Pima County, including patrol, investigator and SWAT team coordinator, he felt it was time for a change.
“I was also at a point in my career where I’d kind of gotten to the point where I accomplished what I wanted to,” Theel said. “I wanted to try something new and a new challenge.”
Law enforcement is in Theel’s blood. His dad was a police officer in Arizona, and worked for the FBI. Theel said that he thought about teaching and coaching before launching his professional career, but ultimately decided on law enforcement.
While he’s not used to having a lot of free time on his hands, Theel describes himself as a huge sports fan, and will “really watch anything if somebody’s going to win.”
“Football especially is my favorite sport,” Theel said. “I love the fall; I love football season.”
In his heart, Theel is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He read biographies of ‘boys legends Roger Staubach and Tom Landry as a kid
“I got to meet Tom Landry one time, and that just cemented it,” he said.
He’s not as high on current Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
“I’m still a Cowboys fan, but I wish we could fire the owner,” Theel said.
Kayaking and traveling with his wife Carmen, and reading, are Theel’s other go-to pastimes.
Theel said that he does not come to the department with any specific goals, he just wants to do a good job.
“I just want to come in and serve the Town of Glenrock to the best of my abilities and provide for the public safety of the town,” Theel said. “I’m just excited to be here.”


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