Mary's Musings: Life changes in the blink of an eye

Mary Stewart,

Last weekend I truly learned that life can change in the blink of an eye, with no warning at all.


I had the pleasure of spending time with Linda Flores and Jim Conner, a much loved couple in town, who had recently opened up R Store in the big white house across the street from Hotel Higgins.


From the moment they welcomed me on their porch, I felt welcomed and happy to be with them. 


It didn’t feel like other interviews that I’ve done in the past. As soon as we sat down on the porch swing, our conversation was one of old friends catching up.

Although we didn’t hug when the interview started, I felt their invisible embrace the whole time I was with them.


The excitement that Linda had when she showed me around the house was contagious. We talked about vintage items, jewelry passed down from our grandmothers and glassware! Oh my, we both shared a love of all things glass, especially the colored depression glass that is hard to find.


As each minute went by, I felt a friendship immediately form and grow.


Her happiness was contagious, as was Jim’s, although he let Linda carry most of the conversation.


Until I asked about the music instruments that he had set up in a room of the store. Music was important to him, something that he loved and he was so excited to start teaching guitar.


Before I knew it, I had spent well over an hour with my new friends and was eagerly making plans to stop by again soon, this time with my mom who also loves vintage items.


I got back to the newsroom and was quick to share the news about my new friends to anyone who would listen. When I got home, I immediately told my husband about this great couple and couldn’t wait to bring him on my next visit.


Whoever would listen to me, I would talk about this amazingly happy, loving and blessed couple.


I heard the news Saturday evening. I was spending time with some girlfriends and had recently told them about my friends in Glenrock.


I got confirmation of the bad news Sunday morning and the tears flowed down my face. I felt like I had just been punched in the gut.


I’m grateful for the time that I was able to spend with them.


They touched many lives in Glenrock and Douglas, which was demonstrated by the outpouring of love on social media when the news was released.


The one thing that sticks out in my mind was how blessed they felt.


She said that they were where they were supposed to be, in the big white house that they dreamed of owning.


I say that I’m blessed for the time that I was able to spend with them.


As I left that afternoon and drove back to Douglas, I couldn’t stop smiling. 


That’s how I will always remember my new friends, with a big smile, belly laughs and welcoming hugs.


Thank you for your time, Jim and Linda. I will treasure it forever.


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