Mary's Musings: If you can laugh together, you’re halfway there

Mary Stewart,

Do you laugh with your spouse or partner? If not, why?

The moment that my hubby, Jim, and I started dating, I quickly realized he was a complete goof.

First of all he’s from Houston, Texas and has lived in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia for most of his life, so the twang in his speech is also mixed in with some Cajun. To say that I had some difficulties understanding some of the things he said is an understatement. I mean . . . wow. He pronounces oil as “ool,” July is “Joo-lie” and theater is “thee-ate-er.”

I kid you not.

Thankfully, both of us are a bit on the sarcastic side and we enjoy teasing each other like nobody’s business.

Enter the laughter.

But it’s okay, they say laughter is the best medicine and if you can laugh at yourself then all the better.

Laughing together is also better than the alternative, a not-so-fun time with your significant other, which is stressful. I’ve had that before and don’t want it again.

Jim is 14 years older than me and sometimes he forgets things that I’ve told him. I figure I have two choices and changing him isn’t one of them. I can either get bothered with having to repeat myself or kid him about getting old and offering to buy him some Prevagen which is supposed to help with memory.

This isn’t just one-sided either. He has the same choice with me.

I have a habit of missing the garbage can in the kitchen. I mean, I’ll usually just set the wrapper, or whatever, on the counter above where the trash is.

Jim has two options . . . get bothered and angry or tease the heck out of me.

“Oh babe! You were SO close,” he’ll say. “Bless your heart, I sure love you.”

Don’t be fooled by the bless your heart bit. It may sound like something nice, but I’ve found out that it’s the southern way of hiding an insult.

Jim and I laugh constantly. And I mean most of the time it’s the big, hearty, laughs from deep in your belly. We find ourselves trying to catch our breath while wiping the tears from our face.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are both secure enough in our relationship, and with ourselves, that the teasing is fun and playful.

The other day he called me at work. Turns out he went to Glendo to hike and take photos (he’s a wildlife and landscape photographer).

He needed help. He got back to the vehicle and couldn’t find his keys. Can I please run home, get the spare and bring them to him?

I tell my boss the situation and he starts laughing.

I leave, but something tells me to take my time. At home I pet the dogs and give them a treat. I stop at the gas station to fill up and make a stop at the bank for some cash.

I’m on the road heading east toward the interstate, ready to drive from Douglas to Glendo.

My phone rings and it’s him.

“Hey babe,” he said. “You can turn around. I found them.”

Turns out he went back out on the trail and found them not very far out. He said he ran back to the KIA to let me know.

I couldn’t wait to get home at the end of the day and get to teasing.

Bless his heart, I sure do love him.


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