Little Herder hoops: Students file into GHS gym to practice some basketball fundamentals

Eddie Poe photos
Campers line up for a drill on the final day of the Little Herders basketball camp held at Glenrock High School, May 29-31.

By Eddie Poe

Over the course of three days at the Glenrock High School gymnasium, youngsters practiced the fundamentals of basketball at the Little Herders basketball camp.
Ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade, camp attendees ran through drills run by boys basketball coach Shawn Huxtable and a number of Herders basketball players. It was Huxtable’s fourth year running the camp and has become an annual tradition he enjoys being able to put forth.
“The community here in Glenrock is always doing their part to help out,” Huxtable said. “This camp allows us to, in exchange, give back to the community.”
As each group of attendees made their way to one of four stations, instructors put them to the test with a new set of drills and an opportunity to learn something about the game.
Huxtable, who has seen a number of new attendees return each year, noted the importance of being able to hold such camps for youth.
“We run a number of different drills to help the kids learn more about the game of basketball,” he said. “It really comes down to it being a chance for them to have fun and enjoy themselves.”
One youngster, who returned to the camp for a second straight year, was one of the last to file out of the gym. He continued to shoot around until he was no longer allowed to do so.
As he put the last basketball away and took off his goggles, Kaden Capp, 10, noted that he’ll be back next year.
“(They) teach us different drills and we get to learn more about basketball,” Capp said. “It’s a lot of fun.”
A few minutes before everyone filed out of the gym, Huxtable concluded the camp by calling out the names of the attendees as they were all smiles at the center of the court. They were each given a complimentary T-shirt.
Shortly after, they each put their hands in the middle of the huddle and yelled out one final time. . . “Go Herders!”


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