It’s 55 mph

After months of residents and town officials pleading with WYDOT to drop the speed limit from 70 mph to 55 mph along WYO 20/26 on Glenrock’s eastern access, the state department officially did that on Tuesday with the signs swapped out.
Phillip Harnden

After nearly six months of discussion, multiple visits by WYDOT civil engineers and a barrage of resident complaints, the east end of Glenrock should now be safer to travel.

The ongoing saga between the Town of Glenrock, along with the residents living off WYO 20/26, and the Wyoming Department of Transportation, was finally resolved this week with public safety coming out on top.

The speed limit on WYO 20/26 east of Glenrock was raised to 70 mph around a year ago. But after several crashes, and at least one fatality, the residents living east of Winchester Drive and Glenrock Mayor Doug Frank have been on a crusade to get the speed limit reduced in the area.

At a town council meeting Monday, Frank and Glenrock Chief of Police Tim Hurd, who had been assisting in the town’s effort, advised that they had received reports from  WYDOT that they could expect to see the requested changes.

As if on queue, WYDOT road workers were changing the speed limit signs on Tuesday afternoon. Prior to Tuesday, the speed limit changed abruptly from 70 mph to 45 mph at Winchester Drive. Residents turning on or off 20/26 east of Winchester had to merge into or out of traffic traveling at 70 mph. The new speed limit now slows from 70 mph to 55 mph near Prairie Lane and then slow again to 45 mph at Colt Street.

“I think the speed limit being raised to 70 was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Frank said of the project. “But the new changes should be a real improvement to public safety.”

As part of the changes to this section of the highwayl, the passing lane is expected to be replaced with double yellow lines at some future date.


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