Guest Editorial: Agriculture is the one industry we simply cannot live without

Doug Miyamoto, Director, Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Doug Miyamoto, Director, Wyoming Department of Agriculture

There is no need to sugar coat this news because everyone already knows: the last few years have been difficult for everyone.

From a global pandemic with the accompanying illnesses and disruptions in supply chains, to increased strife and conflicts throughout the world, to severe drought conditions and weather, it’s safe to say that the last few years have presented some challenges.

While these years have been difficult, one important takeaway has been that more people now understand the importance of having a thriving and robust agricultural industry. It has been made very clear to everyone that one of the most significant things to our country is food independence and being able to feed our population. 

This Ag Day, it’s more vital than ever to talk about the importance of agriculture to our state and country. While there are always topics and issues going on in the world around us, it’s critical that we never lose sight of the importance of our food supply and the people who do the hard work each day to provide that food. 

As we continue to watch events unfold across the world, the top priority of our agriculture industry is to produce enough quality raw agricultural products to feed and clothe our state and country. Food security and the ability to feed our people is a fundamental component of not only our national security, but the overall health of our country. Simply put, this industry, at is core, is key to human survival. While there is a responsibility held by producers to grow food in a way that is sustainable (which they have been doing for decades), the growing of food and fiber is paramount.

While growing food is obviously important, it wouldn’t be possible without the people of this industry. Through the pandemic, producers from across Wyoming stepped up to help citizens in Wyoming who may have been struggling. Many of our producers donated products to Wyoming First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Food from the Farm + Ranch initiative which in turn distributed those products to food banks and other organizations across Wyoming.

These producers also helped sustain the rural communities found throughout Wyoming during the COVID-19 pandemic while dealing with difficult weather and drought conditions. The incredible work ethic and sense of community of our ag producers always show through tough times was found all over this state once again. 

As we celebrate Ag Day and the coming of the warmer weather with the Spring season, it’s important for everyone to take a minute to think about where we would be without our agriculture industry. Once you do that, you will quickly realize how important this industry is to our state and country. They provide the food and fiber we use to move forward and provide the backbone of our state and country.

Without it, we would not survive. With this industry and the support of people across the country for agriculture, we can thrive together. 


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