The greatest show on earth

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Fire clowns Larz Dimick (from left), Brody Humbracht, Braylinn Anderson, Aspen Fife and Cody Lewis goof around in front of ring master Carter Holman (far right) as the group anxiously waits to go out on stage for their annual Kindergarten Circus April 18.

Mike Moore

The atmosphere was electric as miniature clowns, cowboys, acrobats, fairies and more stirred in the backstage area receiving last-minute costume and makeup touch ups just in time for the big show.
In what has become an annual tradition spanning nearly 40 years, the Kindergarten Circus for Grant Elementary students has it’s comical and entertaining routine down pat.
“It’s kind of our end of the year celebration to do something organized before an audience,” kindergarten teacher Sunny Fleck said. “It’s been a tradition in Glenrock going on 40 years.”
The annual circus was created by Louise Hammersmark, with this year’s show honoring her and Donna Teeples.
Last Thursday, the gymnasium at Glenrock Junior/Senior High School was filled to the brim with various games for students to engage in surrounding an expansive stage for the circus to take place. As the morning wore on, older students filed into the gym to give the youngsters an audience for a dress rehearsal.
Ring master Carter Holman kept the crowd at bay as his fellow classmates scurried to their positions behind a large colorful parachute that served as the set for the show.
Once ready, he introduced each act as they tumbled out onto the stage. Some  acts, such as the sumo wrestlers, fire clowns and chimps arrived in goofy fashion, while acts including the butterfly lady, acrobats, and fairies took a more elegant approach.
Following the show, Fleck ushered the youngsters back to their games scattered throughout the gym as they waited for the next show for parents and the general public. At that point, she was pleased with how the fun day for kindergartners was going.
“I think it went pretty well,” she said. “All of the kids in the stands love the show.”
She says they try to keep the same acts going every year, which allows older students to reminisce about their time in the circus years earlier.
The students started working out roles and learning their lines for the show three weeks earlier.
Since they practice in classrooms, Fleck noted the importance of holding a dress rehearsal prior to the main show for adults, as it gives them a chance to ensure they are set to go and the show is dialed in.
“They gotta remember their lines,” she said with a smile.


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