GPD welcomes new officer hailing from Chicago

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Dan Cade stands next to a Glenrock Police Department vehicle outside of Glenrock Middle School Jan. 12. One of Cade’s first interactions with the youth of Glenrock was to attend an anti-bullying program at the school.

By Ethan Brogan

The leaving of former Glenrock Police Department Officer Julie Wickett required a new cop to come to town.
When Dan Cade heard about the open position he called his former cowoker GPD Chief Tim Hurd.
“From what I read about, Glenrock is a beautiful community,” Cade said.
Cade graduated from the Chicago Police Academy in 1991 and worked in Chicago until 1996.
Then Cade moved to Alabama where he worked for several police departments.
Cade has previously worked as a firearm instructor for the Troy University Police Department,  the position he left in Alabama to move to Glenrock.
“The college is slow so I believe this will probably be a little bit faster,” Cade said, remarking about some of the common crimes in Troy.
“We had a high burglary, unlawful use breaking into (a) vehicle, domestic (situations)” he said. “Our biggest worry was with possible terrorist activity.”
Cade took 1,600 mile trek from Troy to Glenrock with his girlfriend Kim Ngueyen, her daughter Brittney and their dog Pinky.
Kim works as a nails and feet technician as well as a seamstress with the hopes of opening a business in town.
Cade wanted to move to Glenrock with the hopes his duty will be a change of pace from a relatively quiet college town.
“I was ready for a change of pace and the opportunity came up and I took it, and so far, I’m glad I did,” Cade said. Cade hopes to see all Glenrock has to offer while getting to know a community he has already found to be inviting.
“I’m here to help. If you need me, reach out,” he said. 


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