GPD buys decibel meters; cars measuring in below ticket level sound

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Glenrock Police Department Sgt. Jason Hoppa tests the new decibel meters on cars traveling down Fourth Street June 7.

Ethan Brogan

Every Glenrock Police Department officer is now equipped with a decibel meter to read sound levels from vehicles.
The sound ordinance narrowly passed 3-2 at the April 23 Glenrock Town Council meeting against public opposition for the ordinance, expressed during Town Council meetings.
The issuing of tickets will be on a complaint basis, according to GPD Chief Tim Hurd.
One of the main points brought up during meetings was the decibel levels in the ordinance. Residents expressed concern the levels would allow police to issue tickets constantly. The police have had the meters for a little longer than a week, and it seems to be right in-line with the predicted decibel levels.
The ordinance called for tickets to be issued to cars weighing fewer than 8,500 pounds to be prohibited from emitting sounds above 76 decibels. So far during testing, officers are seeing meter readings on average between 45-65 decibels.
GPD officers have spent several sessions testing vehicles, none of which were speeding and, depending on the size of the vehicle, were well below the unacceptable decibel level.
The average decibel readings they are seeing from 50 feet away is between 55-70.
As of press time, no citations have been issued for excessive noise.
For an accurate and effective reading, officers will stand outside of their vehicle approximately 50 feet away from the target they are measuring.
Each decibel meter has a price tag of approximately $141. With seven being purchased, one for each officer, the total comes to $990.


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