Girls’ Night Out: Artistic creations abound at library painting class

Cinthia Stimson photo
Kaylee Gray works on staining her signboard in the Artisan Alley class Sept. 24. The Glenrock Library offers five to six painting classes a year.

Cinthia Stimson

As the rockin’ sounds of the B-52’s song Love Shack reverberated off of the walls of the old Glenrock library, Corinne Driscoll, of Artisan Alley, unpacked paints, wood stains, brushes small rags and other implements, setting up working stations for a wood quilt block sign-making class Tuesday night, Sept. 24.
The prospective students showed up in trios and pairs, women friends ready for a girls’ night out. Picking out their boards and tools, they each chose a place to work for the next few hours and sat down, attentively listening to Driscoll’s instructions directing them on how to apply stains to their boards – the first step in creating their signs.
Tara Chandler, Julie Kuhlman, Ann Lehner, Kaylee Gray, Diane Gray, Susan Buettgenback, Cara Felton, Sierra Oxford, Cindy Armstrong, Penny Macormic, Kelley Lythgoe and Heather Rhamy all began either distressing their wooden boards with a meat tenderizer hammer or applying various colors of stains to the wood.
Once the stained boards were dry, it was time to apply the Wyoming-themed stencils to the boards before choosing colors to finish painting the boards.
The ladies appeared to be having a great time listening to Driscoll’s playlist full of 60s, 70s and 80s music.
“This is my second class,” Susan Buettgenback said while she worked on her signboard. She whacked the edges of her board to give it a distressed, shabby-chic look prior to applying stain to the board’s surface.
It’s not the first time the Glenrock Library has offered up painting classes, Adult Programming Coordinator Tamara Lehner said.
“We hold the classes five to six times a year. We have holiday classes at Halloween and Christmas, as well as others. They’re so much fun, we love them,” she said.
Both the Glenrock and Douglas libraries offer numerous adult and youth classes throughout the year.
For more information on upcoming events, call Tamara Lehner at 307-436-2573, or email her via


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