General Store closes

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The Glenrock General Store closed its doors March 31 after being open for more than four years.

Mary Gubbels

With the final sale made and some items donated, the rest of the inventory at the empty store has been transferred to Glenrock Superfoods.
The Glenrock General Store closed its doors for the final time last Saturday, March 31.
The General Store was previously Deer Creek Drug, but about four years ago the business changed hands and became a one-stop store for Glenrock residents.
The store was a place that had practically everything, except the kitchen sink.
“We had an automotive and hardware section, toys, crafts and seasonal items, just to name a few,” Superfoods General Manager Mike Scott said.
With the downturn in the economy for the past few years, the store just didn’t have enough customers to keep it going.
“We just didn’t have enough business, not enough sales,” Scott said.
The past few weeks started the going out of business sale for the General Store, with items discounted up to 75 percent.
Glenrock Superfoods cleared some of their shelves to make room for the items they moved over from the General Store and will keep in stock.
“We moved the health and beauty aids to Superfoods and also sun care items, greeting cards, picnic items and the lottery,” Scott said.
Most residents expressed their sadness for the General Store closing.
“I’m just really sad, we were really hoping to keep it going,” Scott said. “Glenrock residents have expressed their sadness to me also.”
The General Store was able to help two local charities before closing.
“The Converse Hope Center and the local food bank were able to go through the inventory and take what they needed,” Scott said.
With the store closing, that leaves three Glenrock citizens out of a job and looking for another one.
According to Scott, there are no plans to reopen and no plans on what will be done with the building.
“Glenrock really needed a store like this. A store that had almost everything you could need or want,” Scott said.


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