First-Time voters stuff the ballot

Seniors Josie Bryan, Breanna Rockbam, Cooper Fargen, Alexus Taylor and Briley James smile proudly after their first experience at the ballot box on Tuesday.

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“It’s like an important test that no matter how hard you study for, you will get the wrong answer.” - Cooper Fargen

Five high school seniors got a reprieve from the classroom on Tuesday when they were given the opportunity to vote for the first time.

Government teacher Chase Anfinson offered to help any seniors who recently celebrated their 18th birthday have an opportunity to exercise their right at the ballot box.

Cooper Fargen, Briley James, Alexus Taylor, Josie Bryan and Breanna Rockbam all joined Anfinson on Monday to register as voters and then took a field trip to the polls on Tuesday morning.

“It’s exciting to vote for the first time. We need to pay attention so that you have a clear-cut decision,” Cooper said. “It is a little nerve wracking, though. It feels like such a big deal, although it’s really simple.”

Anfinson is happy to see the young voters getting involved.

“I think it’s exciting to buck the trend,” he said. “Early voters are lifelong voters.”

According to Anfinson only 10 percent of 18-24 year old Wyoming residents show up to vote.

“Many people have fought for the right to vote,” Anfinson said. “In civics class we also try and teach students to do their part as volunteers. It is important to be civic minded and participate year round.”

Anfinson gives young voters the opportunity every two years and is proud to be part of their first experience at the polls.

The students who joined their teacher were happy to be part of the election process.

“It’s nice to feel like you have a say,” said Briley. “In government class we learned about our rights and responsibilities as American citizens. It’s very nice to be able to finally use those rights.”

As the five finished casting their ballots they proudly wore the “I voted” stickers on their shirts while throngs of people filed into cubicles to make their marks on the future.

“It really is a great experience,” said Alexus. “It’s good to come out and have a say in what our future could be like.”

After they all had voted and proudly exited, Cooper summed up the voting experience and modern politics in general.

“It’s like an important test that no matter how hard you study for, you will get the wrong answer.”


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