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Skyler Wolfley, 10, cracks a smile while playing a game of Forks at the library during game night.

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The group of girls were all sitting on the floor next to some easy chairs at the library. A deck of cards were being shuffled for the next round of Forks.
Amid the giggles a serious game was in the works.
“We’ve played a few card games tonight,” Aspen Wolfley, 12, said.
Heading the game was Wolfley’s mom, and Glenrock librarian, Erin Wolfley, who took a few moments of quiet time to join in on the game.
“We’ve played Forks, Clue, and now Slap Jack,” Erin said. “There’s Spot It’s and Googly Eyes which we haven’t started yet.”
Although libraries are meant to be quiet places for reading, studying or working, the library is also a place for friends to gather and have fun.
“We just love game night,” Program Coordinator Tamara Lehner said. “It’s a chance for everyone to unplug, get on the floor and set up a game with friends.”
The fun and frantic card game wasn’t the only low-tech game played. In the back part of the library a group of five people, of all ages and skill levels, were deep in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
D and D, as it’s called, is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game, where the only limit is the imagination of the players.
The five players surrounded a large table that was covered by a plastic board. The Dungeon Master, or leader of the game, draws out a map of a building filled with rooms, large chambers, hallways, and traps. Some rooms may have secret rooms as well and most rooms that the players enter contain at least one kind of creature or monster.
“This game is only limited by your imagination,” Dungeon Master Ben Grilley said. “I like how creative anyone can get with this game.”
During the game, the players moved their character pieces to a new room that was just opened. Grilley tells the players that there are creatures in the room.
“What kind?”
“How many?”
“Which one of us can battle them?”
Questions from the players flew to Grilley as fast as an arrow leaves a bow.
Thankfully Grilley announces the three different creatures the players face, and let’s them know which one of them has the power to fight them off.
After the group organizes the attack and all the players are saved, the group discusses what the next step should be.
The four players around the table are constantly busy as they usually play more than one character at a time.
“This time I have seven different characters,” Kade Young, 14, said. “I like playing a lot of characters and my favorite part of the game are the monsters, especially the werewolves.”
This was the third time that this group of five have met to play D and D, and because of Grilley’s schedule, the group was able to play around seven hours that day.
“We don’t play that long usually, and we meet when my work schedule lets me,” Grilley said. “I’ll keep playing when I can.”
The best part about D and D is that beginners are always welcome and players help each other.
The players also acknowledged that it’s OK to unplug once in a while and enjoy a game that is only limited by your imagination.
“I love how you can create your own world for a story,” Cadence Miller, 11, said.


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