From the editor's desk: Kudos, town, for putting your residents first

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Cinthia Stimson, editor,

Serving on boards and commissions as volunteers (some reimbursed a token amount, many others don’t pay at all) is often a thankless job.


Residents often find it easier to complain about what’s not getting done, rather than compliment those serving their communities on the work they’ve accomplished on behalf of their constituents.


Glenrock’s Town Council and mayor deserve high praise for having the foresight to put a contingency plan in place well before last year’s Nov. 4 special election failed. Had the vote passed, it would have added a sixth-cent sales tax, which would have funded a new recreation center for Douglas and a much-needed remodel and repair work on Glenrock’s rec center, including the addition of a town park/square on the property.


The majority of Douglas voters checked no to a new rec center in their city, while those in Glenrock voted overwhelmingly for the projects. With more residents in Douglas than in Glenrock, it was no surprise when the countywide vote failed.


Glenrock’s wish for the tax was not frivolous. Town officials braced for a defeat even in advance of election day.


But, they had an ace in their back pocket – they’d budgeted $2 million for a new town square in the current budget, with the remainder to come out of the budget which begins July 1.


The current budgeted funds were not spent this fiscal year, as the project for improving the heart of downtown was put on the back burner by the architects and engineers working on the design.


The final design is, however, on the verge of being completed, and Mayor Bruce Roumell and Public Works Director Randy Rumpler say the project will be out to bid by the end of summer, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


It’s heartening to see the officials taking care of their own versus relying on outside tax dollars to make or break a project which is so obviously going to be good for people.


Well done, Mayor, Council Members Roy Kincaid, Boots Faunce, John Moulton and Margaret Nunn, as well as  their team at Town Hall and beyond, including but not limited to the rec board and public works department for taking the bull by the horns.


You made it clear you had the money for the project last year and although it went unused and back into reserves, you’ve budgeted for the entire $4.5 million project for the fiscal year beginning July 1.


From the looks of the plans and architects’ renderings, the Glenrock Town Square – tentatively set to open to the public in just over a year – is going to be the heart of the community.


Other area communities might take a much-needed look at this example and consider reaching into their multi-millions of reserves for their residents, rather than adding more taxes to folks’ already strained pocketbooks.

––Cinthia Stimson


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