Editorial: Prosecute intimidators

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Matt Adelman, publisher, Glenrock Independent

The explosion of social media in the last decade and a half has opened the door wide to what had been a relatively obscure and infrequent occurrence – hate mail. Now, anyone in the public eye – especially those involved in anything even slightly controversial – are subjected to volumes of veiled threats and innuendoes, derogatory and degrading comments and even outright intimidation posted all over social media for the world to see. 

Most often, the person posting the disgusting remarks hides behind the cowardice of anonymity allowed by social media while encouraging like-minded sheep to pile on with insults and more threats in a gang mentality.

Such is the case with the recent spate of hate posts aimed at Converse County Public Health staff. Much, if not all, of them appear to come from out-of-state individuals whose rather transparent goal are to obscure and hinder the good works the staff here does while promulgating misinformation and a political agenda aligned with disruption of society more than trying to engage in any civil discourse.  

Make no mistake about it. Their  tactics of intimidation are intended to silence any view opposed to their own, to bully any and everyone else by being the loudest and most obnoxious voice in the room.

We believe they have a right to their opinion. We all do.

Where they cross the line, however, is in attacking people on personal levels and making veiled and not-so-veiled threats against them. 

Those threats are crimes that should be investigated fully and completely.

And those responsible should be prosecuted.

People, including public officials like public health heroes doing their jobs, should not be silenced and have to work in fear because someone bent on screaming anonymously on a keyboard believes their view is the only one that should be heard.

Whether we agree with public health activities or not isn’t the issue. We should all stand up to bullies and to anyone threatening our friends and neighbors, because together we can make sure those being victimized know we have their backs.  

––Matt Adelman,



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