Editorial: Not the time for new taxes, folks

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Cinthia Stimson, editor, cinthia@glenrockind.com

The City of Douglas invited mayors and councils from the towns of Glenrock, Rolling Hills and Lost Springs to join them in presenting a unified front as they hope to convince Converse County commissioners the idea of a quarter-cent sales tax to fund economic development is a good idea and should be placed on the November general election ballot.

If everyone gets onboard, that’s the first hurdle.

If the county commissioners agree with the city and at least two of the other three town councils, the new tax will go on the ballot. It’s a big hurdle , because two-thirds of the municipal governments must approve the resolution for it to be on the ballot, and with four incorporated towns/cities here, it takes three of the four to reach that state requirement.

While we can certainly understand the desire – and, most probably, the perceived need – to increase revenue for local governments, now is not the time to raise taxes while much of our population and local businesses are suffering from the ongoing effects of COVID-19 and recent oil/energy bust. These are far different times than considering a small sales tax when the cash is flowing, but we acknowledge that is also when the governments at all levels are flush with cash and don’t need to raise taxes.

We believe the entities mean well, and we recognize the value of foresight. But, our country is struggling. Our neighbors are unemployed. Many of our businesses are hanging on by mere threads. Why tax consumers further with what income they do have?

Unlike most of our Converse County governments, not everyone has a multi-million dollar back-up plan and extra cash in reserves. It’s time to consider the ramifications of what adding more taxes to people’s pockets will do during this unsettling and uncertain time.

––Cinthia Stimson 


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