Cowboy State Brewing invites public comment during eclipse

Workers unload part of the Cowboy State Brewery’s equipment as Jason Knopp (at left) readies the basement of the 4 Aces to house and produce beer.
Ethan Brogan

The day all of Wyoming has been waiting for is almost upon us. On Aug. 21 the first total solar eclipse to cross the U.S. in nearly 100 years will bring in thousands of visitors to Wyoming for a glimpse of the sun wearing the moon as a mask. Patrons in Glenrock for the eclipse will have a plethora of food and activities available for them to take part in but, one in particular, invites input from the people.

Cowboy State Brewing (CSB) has prepared six beers, three gold and three brown, for the public to sample during the eclipse and to provide feedback for which brews will be served at the University of Wyoming sports events.

“Our first two beers that we want to come out of the gates are going to be a golden ale and a brown ale,” CSB Co-owner Jason Knopp said. “We have three different types of golden and brown ales that we have developed recipes on and were sampling those this.”

Jason and his wife Anna have partnered with Bill and Roxie Hensley, owners of the 4 Aces, to have a booth outside of the 4 Aces for visitors to sample all six ales. The booth will set up just before the eclipse at around 10:22 a.m., and will stay open after totality.

“We will then open up those three samples of each for the community to come by to taste and comment on what they like and what they don’t like,” Knopp said.

“From our sampling and the comments we get from the public Monday, then we are going to finalize our recipe for those beers.”

After the eclipse sampling, CSB will perfect their ale recipe in preparation to serve 12 kiosks spread through War Memorial Stadium at UW.

CSB is preparing a brewery in the basement of the 4 Aces restaurant, but it is not up and running, as of yet.

“We put in the last two tanks this week, so all the tanks are in the building, but there is still some construction going on,” Knopp said.

This addition to the festivities in Glenrock marks CSB’s initial foray into a public event. “This will be the first time we have really gone public with anything,” Knopp said.


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