Connor goes to York

Connor Lewis takes some swings at the Casper Crush indoor practice facility Sunday after signing his ticket to York College in Nebraska.

Connor makes his coach, Sean Robison (right) proud to lead the Casper Crush traveling team.

Connor Lewis is joined by parents Justinv (left) and Jamie (right) as he signs on to play collegiate ball.

Phillip Harnden (
"He is resilient and a hard worker. Connor is the first on field and the last in the cage after practice." - Casper Crush coach Sean Robison
The words dedication, perseverence, fortitude and Connor Lewis go together as do Connor’s legendary hands and his the broke-in beloved baseball mitt.
Connor doesn’t just play baseball, he breathes it. And that commitment to the sport paid off this week.
Playing from the age of five, Connor found his true passion and doesn’t distract himself with other sports.
He does a little hunting or fishing in the off-season, but between extra practices and working at Deer Creek Sled Dogs, he is thinking about the diamond and his position at second base.
The 17-year-old senior signed with Nebraska’s York College Sunday night in a small ceremony with his coach, parents and three younger brothers at the Casper Crush indoor training facility.
Connor has been playing on the Club team for two seasons and really earned the respect of coach Sean Robison.
“He is resilient and a hard worker. Connor is the first on field and the last in the cage after practice,” Robison said. 
“He also keeps the team straight,” he said with a chuckle before describing how Connor is one of the boys on the team who keeps the others from getting into trouble when on the road.
Connor off the field is reserved and quiet and might go unnoticed in a crowd.
But on the field he executes his duties at second base with precision, and when his bat cracks the ball, it’s with a force that is difficult to fathom from his average stature.
Even his interests in school are reserved and intellectually driven. 
“I like history. It fascinates me,” Connor said Sunday after divulging that he is going to work towards being a high school history teacher while at York.
Connor isn’t the type of teen that wanted to talk about himself, but instead he chooses to let  his actions reveal his character.
Coach Robison described him well when he said, “We ask these boys to be perfect in a game of failure. If a batter succeeds once every third time at bat, they are a great hitter. What other activity is 30 percent a success?”
But that drive for perfection has earned Connor a chance to get his education and do what he loves in the meantime.
According to Robison, only 6 percent of high school players get the opportunity to play at the next level.
Connor has worked hard to be in that top tier.


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