Cleared Fore takeoff

Golfers finish their putts on the last hole of the Fore the Kids Golf Tournament July 29 at the Glenrock Golf Course.
Ryan Mitchel Collins

It wasn’t the wind almost blowing people over at the Glenrock Golf Course Saturday afternoon, it was the helicopter giving people a birds-eye view of the town to participants who bought over $200 worth of golf balls to be dropped in the annual helicopter ball drop.

It was all part of one of the biggest yearly charities in Glenrock, the second annual “Fore the Kids Golf Tournament.”

The tournament was a big success, earning donations for the Boys and Girls Club of Glenrock.

“We had 10 teams compete this year and 40 golfers,” Batina Olson said, branch director of the Glenrock Boys and Girls Club. “We had 18 sponsors in our second year. The kids painted balls and decorated bags for the people that came to support us. Then we had people buy lots of tickets for the helicopter drop.”

There were cash prizes given to teams that came in first, second and third place in the golf portion of the event, but many people came solely to participate in the helicopter drop, which took place July 29 at 2 p.m.

“We sold over 700 balls for the helicopter ball drop,” Olson said. “The ball that landed closest to the target was worth a $1,000 prize and went to Chase Anfinson. The ball that landed furthest from the target garnered Mike Colling a $500 prize. The ball drop was done by TAG Aviation. Food was cooked by the Glenrock Police Department and Glenrock Fire Department members.”

Based on the participation of this year and last year, it’s fair to assume the annual tournament will only gain momentum going forward and with a new Glenrock Boys and Girls Club Director, Batina Olson, she will take the experience from the second annual golf tournament and build on it’s popularity.

“It was a pretty successful event,” Olson said. “We don’t really know yet the exact total of what we earned. We had a lot of support and for my first event being apart of the Boys and Girls Club, it was pretty awesome to see everybody rally together and support our kids.”

The Boys and Girls Club will have a track and field day Aug. 16 to finish up their summer events and will host their next charity event in the spring, according to Olson, but the date is
still to be determined. The public and parents are invited to attend the track and field day.

“The next charity event will be our auction and our breakfast,” Olson said. “That will be sometime in the early spring.”


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