Chase's Chatter: Sugar cookies & siblings are festive combination

Chase Vialpando,

The year was 2005, and it was the first time I had helped make the holiday sugar cookies. Rolling balls of sweet dough, I shook with excitement, like any other five-year-old would. Then again, maybe I was trembling because of all the sugary frosting I ate beforehand.

My cookies had to be special, I decided, so I mixed several frosting colors together. To the average eye, this amalgamation may have appeared sickly brown, but to me, it was a brilliant bronze hue rivalling Achilles’s armor.

“That’s gross, I’m not eating any of your cookies. That’s not even a Christmas color,” my older sister, Courtnee snarled.

 This was a shattering blow to my psyche. I could’ve taken the high road and ignored her, but I decided to defend my artisanal frosting’s honor.

I bent my small plastic spatula back and flicked frosting into my sister’s hair.

Blinking rapidly, it took Courtnee a moment to fully register the situation. I, however, instantly knew what to do.

I popped out of my chair and raced out of the kitchen.

You see, my sister is a notorious scratcher when disturbed, and I was rather fond of my skin.

Unfortunately, my sister had an unfair size and speed advantage, which big siblings know all too well.

Within seconds, I was tackled and turned into a screaming scratch post.

My wails did nothing to quench Courtnee’s thirst for violence.

When she finally had her fill of dead flesh under her nails, Courtnee let me up, but not before delivering a good jab or two into my ribs.

The allure of sugar cookies then brought us back into the kitchen to finish making our treats.

Regardless of what my sister had said, my bronze cookies tasted just fine. 

In fact, they were even sweeter than hers.


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