Candidates set for 2016

By Phillip Harnden


With all the attention on the presidential candidates the local politics can sometimes be overlooked until the voting day. But the local representatives,  in some ways, have more impact on their constituents day-to-day lives than national politics.

With the uncertain fiscal climate it may be as important as ever to consider carefully who will be making decisions. Friday was the deadline to file for many of those offices. So, here is the rundown on who will be on the August Primary Election ballot.

County commissioners Mike Colling and Rick Grant are running to keep their seats against challengers Darek J. Joppru and Colton Rodeman. All candidates are Republican, but both seats are currently held by Glenrock residents  with both challengers from Douglas.

Glenrock Town Council has two open four-year seats and one open two year seat. Chad Beer, Terry Gray, Roy Kincaid and Bruce Roumell are candidates for the four-year seat. Russ Dalgarn and Dayton Lewis are running for the two-year seat.

The following partisan (Republican and Democrat) nominations are up for grabs at the primary (see chart at right for who is running):

• State Senator, Senate District 02 (held by Republican Brian Boner of Douglas; 

• State Representative, House District 03 (held by Eric Barlow, R-Gillette); 

• State Representative, House District 04 (currently held by Dan Kirkbride, R-Wheatland);• State Representative, House District 06 (held by Richard Cannady, R-Glenrock, who is not seeking re-election).


List of Candidates

County Commissioners 

Two four-year-term seats open

Name/Party affiliation/Town

• Mike Colling, Republican

• Rick Grant, Republican

• Darek J Joppru, Republican

• Colt Rodeman, Republican


Glenrock town council

Two four-year-term seats open and one two-year term seat open 

• Chad Beer (four-year seat)

• Terry L Gray (four-year seat)

• Roy Kincaid  (four-year seat)

• Bruce Roumell  (four-year seat)

•Russ Dalgarn (two-year seat)

• Dayton A Lewis (two-year seat)


Rolling Hills town council

Two four-year-term seats open and one two-year term seat open

 • Martha Durand (four-year seat)

• Kenneth Montgomery (two-year seat)


State Senator 

District 2

 • Brian S. Boner, Republican

• D. Farmer, Republican

• William B. Cullen III, Democratic


State representative 

House District 3

 • Eric Barlow, Republican

• Frank G. Eathorne, Republican


State Representative 

House District 4

 • Dan R. Kirkbride, Republican

• Tyler C. Shockley, Republican

• Joe Micheals, Constitution



State Representative 

District 6

 • Aaron Clausen, Republican

• Chris Sorge, Republican

• Ed Werner, Republican

• Shlyn C. Anderson, Democratic


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