Blinded by the light

Ethan Brogan

Eclipse time is fast approaching Wyoming and it seems as if the whole state is on fire. Seriously, there is even a fire ban. Everyone is being advised to horde food and gas in preparation for chapter 22 of Revelations. Rapture is upon us, run out to the street and pray to be uplifted.

All jokes aside, the eclipse is starting to stress some people out. They are afraid to go out in public with the couple extra 100,000 people. The important thing to remember is to be neighborly. The people coming into town are going to be here to see a oncein- a-lifetime opportunity they won’t be able to get at home. Visitors are bringing in business, revenue and most importantly, themselves . Enjoy the people
coming into town by asking them, “where are you from?” Or “how do you like Glenrock?” Most of eclipse viewers visiting have probably never been here and will only visit Wyoming, let alone Glenrock, once.

You will see more people at the grocery store, more than those who attended Deer Creek Days last week. Parking might be a bit more difficult, but keep your cool. This is the first total solar eclipse to pass through Wyoming since 1918, you won’t get another chance, so make the best of it.

Picture this as a first impression to a potential employer. An opportunity to show-off just how great Glenrock’s community has. People will be pouring in from all over, and it is only right that we get to be the gracious host to prove to them how great of a place Glenrock is to be in.


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