Apple doesn’t fall far from local stage

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“Grampa,” Missoula Children’s Theatre tour-actor-director James Early, holds out a basket of apples for the “kiddoes” in Glenrock’s production “Johnny Appleseed,” played by Memphis Mitchell (from left), Alyssa Neumeyer, Aden Evans, Haven Cobler, Adeline Eldridge, Abby Coats, Jacob Parsons and Addi Rios.


The little kiddoes reached out for the basket held above their heads by grandpa, anxious to devour the yummy goodies inside.

But their hearts sank when they realized what was actually inside: Apples.

“We want real treats!” they cried.

Their grandfather felt it appropriate, therefore, to tell them a story–one about the history and the importance of apples, and the American pioneer Johnny Appleseed, who helped to grow them across the Midwest.

This lesson was imparted to them on stage, through song and dance, as Glenrock students performed their rendition of the play “Johnny Appleseed,” written by Michael McGill and Jim Caron.

The students donned their finest pajamas as well as apple seed, wolf, bison and sheep costumes for the production March 27.

Apart from their costumes, the actors also wore masks to prevent community spread of the coronavirus.

The play, a joint production between Glenrock Community Education and the Missoula Children’s Theatre, was performed in the Glenrock Intermediate School auditorium.

Two performances were held, drawing family members who gathered to watch the young thespians, ranging in age from elementary to high school age.

A fun-loving cadre of characters were cast for the play, including young and older versions of Johnny Appleseed, the aforementioned kiddoes, anthropomorphized apple seeds, American explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and a host of animals including a wolf, bison and a bighorn sheep.

The play was organized and performed under a short time frame. Students first gathered on March 22 for auditions, and spent the rest of the week rehearsing and preparing for Saturday.

Glenrock Community Education also offers adult education classes such as art classes and American Sign Language courses.


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